Why Termite Inspection Is Important When Buying A House?

Congratulations are in order if you are in the market for purchasing a new home. If it’s you’re first house or perhaps just moving to a new one, buying a home is a wonderful and exciting experience. What’s less than exciting, on the other hand, is finally having a new house but finding out that termites and pests have caused structural damage. Before you transfer to your new home, it’s crucial to perform a termite inspection so you can avoid unexpected damages and unforeseen costs.

Termites Can Damage Your Home

You might be surprised to hear this but termites could actually cause more than $5 billion worth of property damage every year and are referred to as silent destroyers because they can easily chew through wallpaper, flooring, and wood. Although it one termite will need 3100 years to eat all the wood in a 1000 square foot home, termites are never alone. As a matter of fact, termite colonies could range come by the thousands or as many as millions, based on the termite species. Different colonies could also liv together in a single acre of land, which means millions of termites can have access to your house at any time. The parts of your home that are at risk of termite damage are the slab foundations, which are places where wood comes in contact with dirt as well as inaccessible crawlspaces.

Get A Termite Inspections Before Purchasing A House

You will need thousands of dollars to repair the damage cost by termites. The cost will depend on how much wood has been devoured, the long has the colony existed, and the location of the damaged wood. The repairs done to a house are usually much more expensive compared to the original building costs themselves.

This is the reason why it is crucial to get the house go through a termite inspection in Myrtle Beach first before you finalize anything.

A termite inspection is a lot different from a basic home inspection in that the termite inspection evaluates the physical structure of a home, from the roof and down to the foundation. When performed by a professional pest control expert, a termite inspection usually takes an hour to finish.

The termite specialist or pest control expert will check and probe the house from the basement and up to the attic for indications of termite damage. These indications would include swollen floors, buckling wood, and spots that seem to be suffering from water damage, as well as mazes within the furniture or walls. Termite infestations tend to smell like mold or mildew.

Once the inspection is finished, the pest control Myrtle Beach expert will submit a report and detail all the infestation found together with the cost estimate to get rid of them.

Always remember that your termite inspection must be handled by a licensed pest control specialist. Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you need termite inspection or if you want pests eliminated from your home.

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When Do You Need A Termite Inspection?

termite-300x200.jpgTermites could cause a lot of problems at home. However, it is always not easy to know that there’s an existing infestation. Getting a regular termite inspection from a professional pest control company will help make sure that your house stays termite free.

There are four kinds of termites – subterranean, Formosan, drywood, and dampwood. These four types of termites thrive in varying climates. These pests eat 24/7 and even cause major damages not only to your house but also the surrounding structures.

Checking For Termite Inspections

The simplest way to determine if you have termites as home is to see them. To look for termites, look for damp areas of your house, especially around the wood. You might also find swarms of these pests around the windows as well as other parts of your house after a rainfall. If that is the case, you should get in touch with a pest control company right away to deal with the issue.

Termites develop mud tunnels once they cannot eat a specific substance. For instance, when termites feeding on a wood beam in your house finds concrete, they will make a mud tunnel to follow until they discover a different food source. You may also see mud tunnels in the foundation. The tunnels, which are about the pencil size in width, mean there is a termite issue. In case you see a mud tunnel, you must hire an exterminator to check your house.

Finally, the most typical sign that you have termite infestation is wood damage. This could be difficult to detect since termites ruin the inner pats of the wood and do not always leave markings outside. In case wood damage is too much, it may begin to show blistering or darkening on the outside. Regularly poking woodwork with a screwdriver to check if it crumbles is a wonderful way to inspect for termites on your own in between checks. In case you discover that the wood crumbles or indicates unusual indications of damage, you must call a pest control specialist right away to check the source as well as the severity of the issue.

How Often Should You Get A Termite Inspection

Termite inspection takes on an important role when it comes to keeping your house safe and well kept. Home inspections must include termite inspection. However, if yours doesn’t include one, make sure that you have one done when buying a house. When that initial inspection is carried out, it does not mean you will always be in the clear. You must still have routine termite inspection to ensure that your house isn’t infested and to get important information on how you can prevent one.

You must have an expert visit your house once a year to inspect your house for termites as well as termite damage. The professional will check the interior and exterior of your house and the crawlspaces as well as the attic and the basement. Depending on the size of the house, the termite inspection will last about 45 minutes. When the inspector finishes the inspection, the pest control Myrtle Beach expert will recheck the findings with you and discuss any needed treatment or preventive measures that you have to take. If you do this regularly, you can make sure that your home will remain termite free for several years to come.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you want your house inspected for possible termite infestation. Our team will also help with the treatment and preventive measures.

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House Purchasers Be Careful: Termite Inspection

Termite-inspection-Myrtle-Beach-300x270.jpgTermites are nasty customers. They’re almost invisible, entirely silent and have the potential to trigger substantial damage prior to a Myrtle Beach homeowner ever acknowledges they have an issue. Just uttering the word “termite” can make some homeowners shudder, and for excellent reason. Termites are active in 49 of the 50 states (Alaska is too cold to sustain them), and trigger more than $50 billion in building damage every year.

If you’re buying a house, having the home inspected for termites beforehand can relieve you of headaches later on. Actually, if you’re getting a home loan, there’s a good chance the loan provider will insist that you have a termite inspection (in addition to a general house evaluation) carried out before the sale is finalized.

A termite assessment (also called a CL100) is typically a cost borne by the buyer, but it worth every penny. The majority of house purchase contracts are contingent on the results of independent inspections like termite inspection designed to reveal covert problems and risks:

Termites consume wood from the inside out. That suggests they leave very little evidence of their existence until an invasion is quite far along. Because the warning signs can be hard to find, it will probably take an expert to actually find them.

A huge termite colony delighting in the wood in a house can take in a pound of cellulose a day however it’s usually much less. That can lead to structural damage you won’t want to handle down the road. The presence of termites does not necessarily indicate a home is unsound, though, especially if the problem is fairly recent. A specialist will know the distinction.

A termite inspector can assist with analyzing more than just the warning signs of termites. The majority of inspectors are trained to recognize the presence of other wood-destroying bugs like carpenter ants, too.

If an evaluation does reveal termite activity, it might not all be bad news. The signs might be leftover from a previous invasion that is currently being handled. A qualified termite inspector will recognize the difference in between existing and previous termite activity and supply a guarantee or composed statement to that result. If the home has been treated for termites, the seller should also be able to offer paperwork of previous termite treatment and any structural repair work that have been made to repair done due to termite damage.

If there’s current termite activity on the property, it still may not be a deal breaker. In the Myrtle Beach area, termites are so widespread that having had a minor issue with them isn’t all that uncommon. If an evaluation reveals that termites are present but the invasion is small, and the seller is willing to have the home treated for termites at his/her cost and pay for any resulting repairs, the home may still be worth thinking about. This is one circumstances where it pays to obtain expert advice about the condition of the home and discuss the choices with your attorney.

Call ZAP Pest Control before you finalize on the purchase of a Myrtle Beach home to make sure there isn’t any termite damage.

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