Why Pest Control Is Important For Businesses?

pest-control-3-300x200.jpgMay organizations and businesses are under overwhelming pressure during today’s global economic and health crises. Important areas of social care and health care are at the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and the companies that are providing a wide range of services including pest control and products are required to keep all these and all the sectors in the society up and running.

Several types of pest can be found in the urban environments across the world are vectors of various diseases, contaminate as well as eat food supplies and result in physical damage to different facilities and buildings. WHO has more than 30 crucial pathogenic viruses, bacteria, helminths, and protozoa that could be spread out by rodents and their ectoparasites only.

Apart from rodents, other pests such as cockroaches, flies, ticks, fleas, and birds are all threats not only to your health but also to the economy. Buildings in different sectors like manufacturing plants, hospitals, restaurants, residential accommodation, offices, warehouses, and food processing plants offer ideal environments for most of these pests.

Pest Control Tips

Companies must have a comprehensive pest control program to protect their buildings from these pesky critters and maintain crucial operations so the could continue safely or restart operations again. There’s an array of actions companies can use to protect their property from pests.

Zap Pest Control Inc. can monitor pests and provide alerts of pest activity, proof the building to keep pests at bay, and offer a wide array pest control solutions to get rid of pests safely when there’s an infestation.

Rodent control needs the removal of places they could make as their homes. You should prevent them from gaining access to water and food. Large facilities like hotels, manufacturing plants, or hospitals have several possible routes for rodents to get in like pipes, screens, windows, doorways, drains, cabling, and vents. They look for harbourage, food, nesting materials, leading to structural damage, and pose a major risk for ruining electrical wires that could result in house fires.

You can also prevent rodents from using your building’s weak points through regular maintenance. There are several types of products to rodent proof your building by filling in the gaps or blocking of possible access routes.

For cockroaches, they love dark places like sewers, cracks, crevices, and any place that’s hidden. They emerge at night to look for food. By practicing good food sanitation, you will deny cockroaches the food supply and avoid infestation. You should store food in containers with tight lids, remove wastes from areas used for food production, practice good cleaning practices, inspect buildings and equipment, as well as food deliveries.

Pest control takes on a crucial role in letting essential organizations and businesses to offer safe services and products, stop disease outbreaks, and lower the risk of downtime. A  building can’t return to normal use even if the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted if it is infested with pests. By using pest control Myrtle Beach services at this time, pest infestations could be monitored and addressed quickly and the costs are reduced significantly.

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Should You Stay At Home After A Pest Control Treatment?

residential-pest-control-300x200.jpgThe active ingredients found in pesticides kill insects by attacking the nervous system. Even though such poisons come in very low dosage made to harm only pests, they could still be very dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. Just like most things in life, there are a few people who could have negative reactions to the chemicals used. If you wish to avoid being exposed to such hazards, you have to know that the effects of these pesticides on those who have pre-existing medical problems, pregnant women, children, and healthy adults. In case you are thinking of having residential pest control treatments, be sure to ask the professional about the safety precautions.

Pest Control Treatments: What To Do After

Asthmatic And Other Respiratory Problems

In case you are among the millions of people who are suffering from asthma, you have to take some precautionary measures to make sure that your lungs stay healthy after a pest control treatment in your house. These chemicals could irritate your lungs and cause airway contraction. You have to wait at least three hours before you return to your house to let the pesticide to dry and to limit your exposure.

You must have a healthy family member or friend go to the house and open the doors and windows to air out the house. Give it at least an hour so that you don’t expose yourself to negative side effects from the chemicals. In case you have a severe respiratory disease then you should talk to the residential pest control Myrtle Beach specialist for more precautionary measures to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women, especially those who are in their first trimester of their pregnancy, are at a greater risk of suffering from negative side effects from these pest control chemicals. During this phase of the pregnancy, an embryo is developing the nervous system that controls the fetus’ bodily functions.

It is crucial for mothers to protect their baby during this developmental stage and keep them far away from pesticides that target the nervous system. Pets and kids have high exposure rate when compared to adults since they’re closer to places that get sprayed. You must check with your pest control professional in case you have kids and are thinking of using pesticide in your house.

Threat To Adult’s Health

Pesticides can put the health of adults at risk. Even though the risks are minimal, you still need to take the right precautions so you’re not exposed to hazardous chemicals. Your pest control will provide you with instructions on how long you have to stay out of your house, and how long it will take to air out your home. You have to know where the pest control experts have placed the poison pellets and when you need to throw them away.

They will provide you with the instructions on how long you need to wait before you clean out the areas that were affected by the poison. Pest control treatments tend to leave a residual layer that can last up to three months and the cleaning products could decrease the effectiveness of the pesticides. The most important thing you need to do is to stay safe. You should also know what is being sprayed inside your house and how you can limit your exposure.

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How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

pest-control-5-300x200.jpgWhen an exterminator makes regular visits to your home, these pest control professionals do a lot of things. They check traps, inspect signs of pest activity, set up preventative measures to lower the pest population. Even if pests are not visible to the eyes, pest control experts have the opportunity to check the home or building’s infrastructure during whenever they make their regular visits. They will also search for threats posed by new threats. Apart from that, regular visits could help reduce the cost of pest management.

Pest Control experts like Zap Pest Control Inc. suggest pest control treatments to be carried out on a quarterly basis for apartments and homes. Monthly treatments are required for serious infestations and this should last between 3 to 6 months. However, there are other factors that could affect the recommended frequency. These include the building size, location, time of year, weather conditions, and type of pest.

How Long Does A Pest Control Treatment Last?

Treatments for moths, spiders, silverfish, roaches, and pillbugs can last for a few months. However, they need to be done on a quarterly basis.

A serious ant infestation may require monthly visits for 3 to 6 months based on the scope of the treatment. Meanwhile, bed bugs need a more specialized type of treatment, which lasts indefinitely. However, that would still depend on if the source of the infestation has been discovered correctly.

Generally speaking, the pest control Myrtle Beach treatment for a home or business will depend on the business or home size, type of pest, and the weather.

Treating Cockroach Infestation

Getting rid of cockroaches could require a long term treatment. The first treatment should be followed with multiple follow up visits so that insecticides could be reapplied. Several visits are required to make sure that the pests and eggs are exterminated for good. The length of time required to get rid of any infestation would depend on the infestation’s severity.

A few weeks following the treatment, it is normal to notice a few roaches left. But the poison and spray left by the exterminator will continue to work following the initial spraying, so you can expect them to continue working after the initial treatment.

How About Fumigation?

Fumigation can last between three to seven days. For this duration, the homeowners must find a place where they could stay since they can’t be at home during the fumigation process.

Apartment Pest Control Treatment

After an apartment is treated, a residential pest control professional will create a treatment schedule to prevent pests from returning. Exterminators may visit the apartment owner every two to three months. Monthly visits are needed for more serious pest infestation.

Pest Control Treatments For New Homes

You might be wondering if new homes need pest control treatments. The answer is yes.

Newly built houses have gaps and cracks that may allow pests to come in. The house is open during the construction process and that means pests have easy access to your house. Building materials used to build your house are stored in open and sometimes damp places. There are also instances when the building materials are already infested.

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How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

There are only a few things that are more frustrating and infuriating than a cockroach infestation. These pesky critters will make themselves comfortable in your living area, bathroom, kitchen, and other spots in your home.

The problem is that they multiply rapidly, which makes matters worse. In case you are tired of sharing your home with these pests, then you should know some pest control tips to get rid of cockroaches.

Types of Cockroaches

German cockroaches and American cockroaches are the most common species of cockroaches present here in Myrtle Beach. German cockroaches are dark brown and they are about ½” to 5/8 in size. On the other hand, American cockroaches are much darker and also bigger at around 1-1/2” to 2”. Both kinds of cockroaches are active all year round, but they almost always come out at night to look for food and water. Cockroaches are considered as nocturnal creatures and that is why they mostly spend their days tucked away in the dark and hidden parts of your house.

How Cockroaches Enter Your House

A few things that attract cockroaches to your house include garbage, dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the counters or floor, leftover food, and excess moisture. These pests enter your house for different reasons but attraction is just the first part. They still need to get into your house to wreak havoc. So how do they get in? Simple. They get in through cracks and crevices, holes in the pipes and vents, hitching a ride through boxes or other times, and more.

Pest Control Tips To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Clean your house – this may seem obvious but cockroaches like dirt and filth. So the easiest way to make sure that cockroaches are kept out of your home is by making sure that it is kept clean. Don’t forget to wash the dishes and clean the spills and crumbs right away. You must take the garbage before you go to bed and get rid of grease from your stove top. Be sure to seal food in containers and mop regularly.

Store bought traps – an effective way of getting rid of cockroaches is the kind of trap found in home improvement stores and supermarkets. The device will use bait or scent to attract the cockroaches. When they come out to check, the roaches will be caught in a very sticky substance, trapping them inside. You may have to wait up to two weeks to see results so make sure that you check it periodically.

Store bought baits – another pest control Myrtle Beach tip to get rid of cockroaches is to use store bought baits. Chemical baits conceal insecticide as a source of food. Roaches ingest the insecticide and they die once they return to their nest. When other roaches eat them, they also will also get poisoned and die. Be sure to add the chemical baits close to garbage cans and blow the sinks as well as cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens.

Liquid Concentrates – are made to deter cockroaches. When diluted, the liquid could be sprayed into crevices and cracks as well as other places where these pets like to hide.

Boric acid – considered as one of the most effective home remedies for cockroaches and is ideal for all those who would like to go for a DIY approach.

Call a pest control company – cockroaches are known to be very persistent. Sometimes, even if you follow these DIY tips, you may still wind up having these infestation. If it seems like nothing is working, call a pest control company right away.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you are having problems with cockroach infestation.

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Residential Pest Control tips for the Holidays

pest-control-3-300x200.jpgYes! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! The time has come when family and friends come together. Decorative lights are set up and it’s time for eggnog and Turkey. It’s the season to give thanks and to share your home with your loved ones. The holidays bring people together and your home becomes the center for gathering and entertainment. The last thing you wish to deal with during the festive season is a winter pest infestation.

Pests look for three things, shelter, water, and food. All of these could be found in and around your house. In case pests find these, they will surely move in and remain there for the entire holiday season. Apart from that, the changes in the season will affect the behaviour of the pests. Routine inspections as well as targeted pest control services are crucial for homeowners to get a pest free house and the peace of mind during this special season. Check these holiday pest control tips to stop unexpected guests from ruining your holiday season.

How to Keep the Pests Out This Holiday Season

Watch What You Bring Inside Your House

During the festive season, there are millions of business owners and homeowners who decorate their offices and houses. Garland, Christmas trees, firewood, decorative lights, and more are all taken in from the outdoors and could bring along different pesky insects with them. Ticks, ants, spiders, and termites are great at hiding deep in the branches of the garland and trees. Firewood is the best place for insects to lay eggs, that when taken inside the house, could hatch in your house.

How To Do This:

Be sure to thoroughly inspect your decorative items before bringing them inside your house. Shake out the garlands and the trees plus check the firewood for eggs as well as channels of insects.

Bug Love Carboard

There is a chance that your basement or attic has become home to cardboard boxes that are filled with lights, ornaments, candles, as well as other trinkets that are used to adorn your house with. These boxes are untouched and they sit for several months every year and could be the house of several insects. Termites, cockroaches, rodents, and silverfish will make these cardboard boxes their home. Always check your holiday boxes and the things inside them before you bring them inside your house.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean All The Time

Cooking during the holiday season is the best part of the festive season. Having said that, it also means you’ll be left with a lot of dishes, pots, and pans to clean. Things could easily get messy. Your kitchen is the best place for several types of pests to feast in. The holidays means a lot of cooking and that also means a lot of mess. Always keep your kitchen clean. That is one of the most common and extremely effective residential pest control tips that you need to remember.

Clean your kitchen always after cooking. Dirty dishes must be taken care of and put into the dishwasher after your meals. Get rid of the crumbs and dirt that may have been left after cooking. Take out the trash regularly to prevent attracting pests.

Inspection for Holiday Pests

Following these simple residential pest control Myrtle Beach tips can help you a lot in getting your home all set for a pest free holiday season. However, there’s nothing that can get rid of bugs faster and more reliably compared than a pest control service like Zap Pest Control Inc.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the assistance of a pest control professional before the holidays.

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How Often Should You Get Residential Pest Control Services

residential-pest-control-2-300x200.jpgNowadays, the standard of residential pest control has improved. It is now offered on a monthly basis. Over the past years, several pest control companies, as well as residents are rethinking the standard.

More knowledge in the methods of application, along with different environmentally friendly chemicals have significantly affected the results of the most common pests. These include bedbugs, roaches, ants, rodents, and spiders.

So, the question is how often should you get pest control services? Should you choose monthly or every other month.

Residential Pest Control: Every Other Month Vs. Monthly

The Benefits Of Every Other Month

Fewer chemical applications – chemical that is applied to your property would be half the number of times as you have to do for a monthly residential pest control Myrtle Beach. Fewer applications mean lower risk for you and your family.

More affordable – several pest control firms offer discounts for homeowners who take up their every other month option.

More effective – the majority of pests have the ability to evolve and become immune to chemicals and preventing reactions to a few mechanical processes. With the every other month pest control service, pest won’t develop these tolerances or avoidance reactions compared to monthly services. The services are also more effective as time goes by.

More environmentally-friendly – just like posing less risk to humans and pets, fewer applications also have positive effects on the soil, plants, and other .

The Cons of Every Other Month

Fear of the unknown – any changes might cause stress in the homeowner until it’s better understood and proven. Several homeowners prefer monthly service because they believe it is a more efficient way of managing pests. Plus, it gives them peace of mind knowing the pests won’t wreak havoc in their property as long as monthly pest control is administered.

More Service Calls – as expected, monthly services means you need to call the pest control firm more often, thus increasing the maintenance costs of keeping pests away.

Despite of the disadvantages listed above, an increasing number of people are opting for an every month pest control service. More of them experience positive results and the stress associated with change will likely go away. Every other month residential pest control service is becoming more recommended and acceptable by both pest control firms, landlords and other homeowners as well.

As pest control companies acquire more knowledge of savings as well as opportunity for more business volume made available by the per every other month pest control service option, consumers will eventually enjoy more discounts as well.

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How Can Residential Pest Control Help You Prevent Insect Problems

residential-pest-control-1-300x200.jpgFor any business or homeowner, pest and insects can cause a lot of headaches. When insects are permitted to get inside your property, they could wreak havoc in just a matter of days or even weeks. Apart from that, insects could be very bothersome to visitors in your house. Therefore, it is only nature for homeowners such as you to know the most effective residential pest control that can help cut down the chances that they would have to deal with pests ever again.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn some tips to help you get started in cutting down the chances that insects making a home out of your property. Keep in mind that the most crucial aspect of residential pest control Myrtle Beach is to ask questions and know what you are really up against. Therefore, you are making a good first step by reading through a few of these methods that you can use yourself.

Residential Pest Control Tips

For pests to be able to make a home out of your property, they should have a source of the basic things you need to survive. Just like humans, insects need water, food, and shelter in order to live. In case you live organic material around your house, there is a chance that you will encounter a pest problem and this will increase dramatically over time. Always keep your house and property free of litter and your counters and floors should be free form loose food items.

Store Your Food Properly

Whenever you store food in your house, you have to take great care in ensuring that pests cannot reach them. You have to make sure that food is sealed in a plastic or glass containers. In case you throw away food scraps, make sure that your trash can is covered tightly. You should also place food scraps in a container before you throw them away. Be sure to get rid of your garbage regularly. The longer your garbage stays in your house, the more likely you’ll have pest problems at home. Getting rid of your garbage on a regular basis is an effective pest control method.

Get Rid of All Standing Water

Standing water is extremely attractive to several kinds of insects that may invade your house. So, be sure to repair any leaky pipe so water does not accumulate in any area of your property. One specific spot where this takes place is in the trays underneath houseplants. Be sure to soak up water from under your plants after draining it after it drains under the bottom of the pot. The two other standing water sources that are commonly overlooked are the trays beneath the refrigerator and the water dish of your pets. Make sure to get rid of any leftover water from the trays of your pets at the end of every night. Leaving it overnight provides insects easy access to a water source.

Don’t Provide Pests With A Place To Hide

Insects and pests love places that are dark because they can hide there. Clutter in the form of clothing or trash on the ground provides them with a wonderful place to live and breed. If your home has more clutter, it will difficult for you to get rid of insects. Stacks of newspapers and magazines are common places where insects could multiply and you won’t even notice it.

At the same time, there are spots where insects hid that might be a bit harder to remove. For example, crevices and cracks surrounding the base boards of your house or kitchen cabinets will provide insects with another excellent hiding spots. You can use cheap caulk to cover these cracks. You may also discover that you can use wire mesh or steel wool to fill the spaces surrounding the pipes or the holes in your walls.

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Why Get Residential Pest Control Services

residential-pest-control-300x200.jpgPest problems are one of the most difficult issues to deal with at home and this is primarily because of the appliances and furniture within the home that offers cover for the pest inside the house. Compared to pests found outside the house, these residential houses will somehow gain a bit of edge since residents could not go all out on them from inside their homes. These pests like to hide in these areas, which makes them more difficult to deal with since residents can’t just destroy the very home that they worked so hard to put up. The cramped areas in the houses for any regular home maker, and that’s why it is highly recommended to you hire residential pest control services when it comes to this issue.

Hire Professional Myrtle Beach Pest Control

Professional Myrtle Beach pest control services is best option since these individuals are properly trained in handling all of the aspects of this pest issue. They know the right pest control methods to use and the correct equipment to efficiently weed out these pesky critters without causing any kind of undesired damages. They can also determine what spots to strike to make sure that these pests are kept away and that they will be exterminated correctly without giving them a chance to reproduce and give you trouble again.

Another wonderful thing about pest control services such as termite service or mosquito service is that they have obtained access to insecticides that are extremely safe to use and don’t cause any more harm to you or your loved ones.

So, when it comes to getting rid of the pest colonies in your home, pest control is the best option. It’s not that difficult to find a reputable pest control company since you could easily avail their services by searching the internet.

To know more about residential pest control services, call Zap Pest Control Inc.

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