What are the signs of a roach infestation?

pest-control-300x202.jpgIt’s enough to make your skin crawl to see a cockroach, but it is much worse to have one in your home. These tiny pests can cause serious problems. That’s why you need the help of pest control experts.

If they are found on residential or commercial property, they can cause serious damage. Although they tend to hide from the public, these nocturnal bugs can leave clues if they enter your home or workplace.

Here are seven signs that you may have a cockroach infestation. Also, what you can do to get rid of it.

Pest Control: What are cockroaches exactly?

There are more than 4,000 types of cockroaches worldwide, but it is a fact. American cockroaches are the most common in the USA, while American cockroaches can also be an issue. American cockroaches can grow to 1.5 inches in length and are reddish brown.

This species lives outdoors and prefers to live in dark, damp places such as mulch or garbage. The German cockroach is a light brown species with two parallel dark stripes along its sides. They measure less than 1 inch in length and have no wings. They often find their way into the property and hide in unchecked areas.

A cockroach infestation is more than an insect problem, according to an exterminator Conway SC. It can make your skin crawl. They can spread diseases like salmonella and e. Coli. Just by walking on them, they can contaminate food and countertops. They can also cause structural damage, and can leave behind an unpleasant odor. Here are some signs that you should be aware of if you suspect you might have a cockroach crisis.


Droppings of cockroaches can be a sign you have an infestation. Cockroaches can eat almost anything, and will leave behind something that looks like coffee grounds or pepper. These droppings are smaller than 1mm in width and can be hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Smear marks

Cockroaches leave streaks behind, in addition to droppings. These streaks can be found on walls, and are often darkened, irregular smears. They are usually located in the areas they are most active.

Stench or Unusual Odor

The pheromones in the droppings of cockroaches can create a distinctive scent in infested areas. This musty odor can attract other cockroaches. This unpleasant, damp odor can penetrate almost any surface.


Finding their egg capsules is a sure sign that there is a cockroach infestation. These capsules, called oothecae or oothecae are capable of holding up to 30 nymphs.

Shedded Skin

To reach adulthood, Cockroaches must go through several stages in their life cycle. They molt between 5-8 times as they grow and become adults. You will most likely notice shedded skin if you have a cockroach infestation.

Property Damage

Cockroaches can eat almost anything and cause damage. Cockroaches can cause chew marks on food packaging. However, other materials such as leather may also be affected.

Living Roaches

Although they are usually hidden, they can be seen if you go into a dark room or kitchen, and turn on the light. It’s possible that you’ve seen more than one live cockroach.

How to combat Roaches

Roaches are a tricky pest to manage, especially if there is a large infestation. A residential exterminator is the best way to go if you suspect you have a major pest problem. Here are some tips to help you prevent or slow down the spread of pests.

Stop Them From Getting in

Although this may seem obvious, many people forget that the seasons and father-time can take a toll upon their property. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your home safe. You will make it difficult for roaches in your home to get in and keep them away.

Close the Buffet

Cockroaches, like all pests, need food. If your kitchen is messy, they will have plenty of food. They will search for food to survive

  • Unopened food
  • Debris
  • Dishrags
  • Crumbs
  • Water dishes and pet food
  • Garbage

Cut off their food source to keep them away. Keep food out of reach, clean up any spillages, and keep the kitchen clean. You should do the same for water sources. Cockroach infestation is easy to spot from dripping pipes. Cockroaches love dark, damp places. You can prevent an infestation by keeping an eye on damp areas and food storage areas.

Keep it Clean

Cockroaches prefer dark, clutter-filled areas. Cockroaches love to live in dark, cluttered areas. Clear out any clutter in your garage or attic. Do not create cockroach houses.

Clear out hiding spots

You may have several hiding places depending on which type of cockroaches you have. While some species prefer humid, warm areas, others prefer cool, damp places. They prefer to be in secluded areas. They hide in certain areas of the house, such as the

  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Drains
  • Laundry rooms are now available

They thrive in areas that are dark and cluttered with high levels of moisture. They are often found behind washing machines and refrigerators. Or they can hide in the kitchens of stoves and sinks. They can hide anywhere you put them, including behind drains, rubber mats and wallpaper. Monitoring these hot spots is key to keeping them away and making sure they’re clean.

Stamp them Out

Although a cockroach infestation can seem overwhelming, you don’t have the to do it alone. These methods may be effective in keeping cockroaches away, but you can also contact our pest control Myrtle Beach SC specialist for help.

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How to get rid of ants in your home and business

exterminator-300x200.jpgHow do you eliminate ants? Hire an exterminator. As with many pests, ants will swarm indoors if they find food. They will usually seek shelter, water, shelter, favorable temperatures, shelter, and better conditions indoors. The scent trail leads to a small army of ants that spread quickly throughout the colony.

Because the kitchen is an area where food preparation takes place, you might be reluctant to spray pesticides or use sprays to eliminate ants. You can quickly take control of the problem by taking practical steps to get rid of them and then making sure you don’t allow them back in.

You don’t have to do it all yourself if you are not sure how to eliminate ants. For ant removal or prevention advice, contact Zap Pest Control Inc.

There are many treatment options for ants. Do you hire a professional pest control Mytle Beach SC or DIY?

There are two options when it comes to eliminating ants: hire a professional or do it yourself. You may think that an ant infestation can be handled easily. The best way to eliminate ants is to call in professionals. Our ant control specialists can pinpoint the cause of your ant problem and eliminate it permanently.

DIY requires you to purchase and use the correct DIY ant control products. There are also potential home improvements that can be done to fix existing problems.

You should contact a local expert as soon as possible to eliminate any potential ant infestations. This will give you the best chance of getting rid of the problem quickly, before it becomes worse.

DIY ant treatment is not recommended

There are two options: sprays and ant traps.

You can also make minor home improvements to stop ants from entering your home and eliminate nesting areas. Even the smallest gap can give ants easy access to your home.

Seal all cracks and gaps under doors, around windows, or in siding.

Make sure that liquids and food spillages are dealt with as soon as possible. These are major attractants to ants.

While DIY solutions may be cheaper and more convenient than professional treatments, there are still risks.

Do-it-yourself solutions are not guaranteed to eliminate an infestation of ants.

To have any effect, DIY ant solutions must be followed exactly.

It may take longer for DIY solutions to take effect. It is easier to overlook a nest if it is inaccessible. If any ants are found, they will move the colony to begin reproducing again.

Exterminator Services and Professional ant treatment

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with an infestation in your home or business, having professionals there can be reassuring. You can rest assured knowing that professional products are safe for your pets and are as effective as they can be.

Businesses can be exposed to ants in different industries. Ants can damage brand reputation, customer reviews and employee morale as well as operational efficiency and ultimately, the bottom line.

It can be expensive to try DIY ant control methods when trying to eliminate an infestation. Western Exterminator is a trusted pest control company that can provide professional service. A trusted partner in pest control can help protect your home and business from future pest problems.

You can observe the ants in your home

Make sure you are familiar with the species of ant you are dealing with. They will most likely be pavement ants. However, it is important to observe the ants closely and take note of their characteristics. You can identify them easily by doing a quick internet search.

Ants do not appear out of thin air. They have to be entering somewhere. The next step is to locate their entry point. You can identify their entry point by simply watching their movements. You might see them through an open door or window, or small cracks and holes within the structure. They are most likely hiding in places like inner walls and window frames. After locating the entry point, clean and seal it.

You should not only find the entry point but also the source. Is there an ant nest nearby? You can follow their movements to find the colony. They leave a scent trail that leads them from their nest to their food source. The trail will then lead them back to your kitchen.

Once you have identified the source of the problem, you can then take steps to eliminate it.

How to eliminate ants from your home

Many homeowners choose to do-it-yourself ant control methods at the first sign of ants. The results can often be disappointing. A small problem with ants can quickly grow into a big problem if it isn’t fixed. Many people turn to professionals for help.

Once an ant specialist or a residential exterminator has identified the type and severity of the problem, such as fire ants or carpenter ants, they will be able to determine the best way to address it. To solve the problem quickly, we will target your specific species of ant. After the ants are gone, you can take steps to stop them coming back.

Natural ant killers

Although we don’t recommend them as the best course of action, there are natural ways to get rid of ants.

When ants find food, they leave behind scent trails. These scent trails can be erased using cloths that have been soaked in bleach or disinfectant. The trail will not be removed by water alone. The trail can be effectively erased by using a simple mixture of vinegar and water. This is not a way to kill ants, but to destroy the trail.

There are also some home remedies that can be used to repel ants. Citrus smells are not a favorite of ants. Mixing lemon juice, orange peels, or cucumber rinds in warm water can make a repellent. Use the solution to soak a towel and wipe down surfaces. To mop the floors, you can use a similar solution.

It is also known that spices and herbs repel ants. Some effective options include black pepper, garlic, mint and cayenne pepper.

Another preventative measure is diatomaceous earth. It can be used to seal small cracks or holes and to treat edges that have been affected by ant activity. Spraying wet diatomaceous Earth on walls is also possible.

How to eliminate ants from your business

Ants are not just an issue in commercial environments. Ant infestations can cause damage to reputation and financial loss. This is particularly true for establishments that deal with food, such as restaurants and food processing plants. These businesses must adhere to the highest hygiene standards. A hygienic organization will not have ants. You can hire commercial pest control services for assistance.

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