How can you protect your home from rodents?

Rodent proofing is crucial to protect your home, whether you are fighting against them or trying to prevent their return. Conditions that provide food and shelter for rodents will continue to grow. You can reduce or eliminate rodent infestations by properly storing and sanitizing common attractants and sealing off entry points to your home. Here are some easy steps to prevent rodents from taking over your home. You can also hire pest control services to get rid of these little critters.

Pest Control Services


Exterminators said that it is easy to forget all about food and other items that you have stored away. But mice are not likely to forget them. It is important to ensure that your cabinets and other storage areas are well organized and inspected in order to fight rodents. Dry food, pets food, and birdseed should be stored in metal, glass or plastic containers.

  • To prevent nesting, seal all seasonal storage containers.
  • Avoid nesting rodents gaining access to cardboard boxes.
  • Use pallets or shelving to raise storage items above the ground.


It is important rodent control Myrtle Beach SC is to prevent rodent infestations by sanitizing. For rodents to thrive, they must have enough food and shelter. These two elements must be removed in order to control and prevent rodent infestations. In your sanitation efforts, it is crucial to consider both the inside and outside of your home.


  • Common crumb areas should be cleaned, including under stoves and refrigerators.
  • Keep countertops clean and free of food.
  • Don’t leave water glasses out overnight.
  • Make sure to take out any unopened pet food and keep the area clean.
  • Make sure garbage cans are covered and kept clean.
  • Cleanse areas that are moist regularly.


  • To prevent grass from becoming a hiding place, it is important to mow your lawn regularly.
  • Remove all overgrown vegetation and trim the roots until you can see the ground below.
  • Get rid of any bird feeders that have fallen seeds.
  • Any fruit that falls from your trees should be picked up.
  • All debris should be removed, including old equipment and rock piles.
  • Keep firewood away from your house and off the ground.


Sealing is a great residential pest control method to keep rodents out of your home. Mice can squeeze through 1/4-inch holes, which is about the same size as a dime. It can be hard to keep them out completely. Rats can squeeze through openings 1/2 inches in size, which is about the same size as a nickel. These common rodent access points should be regularly inspected and repaired to keep them out.

Inspection checklists

It’s time to conduct your own home inspection now that you have an idea of how rodent proofing can benefit you in fighting mice and rats. We have a few tips to help you find rodent nests. To ensure that you don’t miss any high-activity areas while inspecting or repairing your home, download our printable checklists.

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Is pest control necessary during the winter?

pest-control-2-300x200.jpgPlants, animals, and humans all go into hibernation mode when the weather turns cold. You may not be noticing pests and bugs in your yard during this time. This can cause you to have an “out of sight out of mind mentality.” But are native insects really gone? Find out how to protect your home in winter and how pests deal with the cold weather using effective pest control methods.


Common pest control misconception is that insects die during winter. Many pests use clever strategies to survive winter and come out when the weather warms up again. Although mosquitoes can be a nuisance in the summer, they hibernate. They seek shelter in hollow logs, and females will begin looking for food to start feeding their eggs.


Overwintering is possible for ants by eating a lot in the fall, and then gaining more fat to get through the winter. They will stop their activity when the temperature drops and then relocate their colony under the ground until spring.


These pests have a reputation for surviving in harsh environments. This makes winter easy for them. Cockroaches adapt by looking for warm and moist places in your home. This is why they are often found in bathrooms and kitchens. You may even notice an increase in the number of cockroaches when they seek shelter from the cold and settle down to winter. Call residential pest control experts if you need help.


Different species of termites react differently to winter. The local climate may also play a role. Termites that live in colder climates will dig below the frostline and hibernate till the temperature reaches 70°F. Drywood termites can shelter themselves in dry wood and this could include your home.

What Pest Control Services Do I Need in Winter?

Insects can survive winter months because they are extremely adaptable. Sometimes their survival is dependent on your ability to allow them into your home. Although they may not be visible, they could be hibernating or ready to emerge in the spring. This means you should continue to provide exterminator Myrtle Beach SC services through the winter.

You can arrange regular visits with your pest management company. This will keep pests at bay all year.

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What are the signs you need to call an exterminator for termites?

pest-control-1-300x200.jpgEvidence of termites and pest control. Termites may live for a long time on your property, or in your home before they are detected. These intruders are often hidden within wood structures and can cause significant damage. It is important to recognize warning signs early to minimize damage.

Pest Control Tips to Know

Termite swarms can occur inside or outside a home. This is because mature termites move out of the nest to establish new colonies. They soon shed their wings after taking flight.

Termite swarms can occur inside or outside a home. This is because mature termites move out of the nest to establish new colonies. They soon shed their wings after taking flight. That’s why termite control Myrtle Beach is crucial.

Termite Swarmers

Termite Swarms can occur inside or outside a home. This is because mature termites move out of the nest to establish new colonies. They soon shed their wings after taking flight.

The spring and fall are the most common times that swarms from mature colonies leave the nest. The timing of the swarms will vary depending on species and weather conditions. Homeowners may not notice swarms on their exteriors. They are usually a short event in the morning or afternoon, when most people aren’t home.

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites create mud tubes (also called shelter tubes) in order to bridge their colony with the wood they eat. These tubes are made from tiny pieces of soil, wood, and debris and serve to preserve moisture and protect the colony against predators. Call a Conway SC exterminator right away.

Termite Droppings

Drywood termites leave behind wood-eating debris, such as frass and droppings. These tiny fecal mounds can often be a sign of a nearby infestation.

Drywood Termite Signs

Drywood termites can also cause sagging floors, walls and ceilings, as well as areas that appear water damaged. Once drywood termites have swarmed, their wings become shed and they can be found in small numbers throughout the home.

Subterranean Termite

The continental United States can find subterranean termites. These termites live underground, but can also travel to higher ground for food. They can enter homes through cracks or unsealed foundations, as well as tunnels made from mud, their saliva, and feces. You need the help of a residential termite control expert.

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What are the signs of a roach infestation?

pest-control-300x202.jpgIt’s enough to make your skin crawl to see a cockroach, but it is much worse to have one in your home. These tiny pests can cause serious problems. That’s why you need the help of pest control experts.

If they are found on residential or commercial property, they can cause serious damage. Although they tend to hide from the public, these nocturnal bugs can leave clues if they enter your home or workplace.

Here are seven signs that you may have a cockroach infestation. Also, what you can do to get rid of it.

Pest Control: What are cockroaches exactly?

There are more than 4,000 types of cockroaches worldwide, but it is a fact. American cockroaches are the most common in the USA, while American cockroaches can also be an issue. American cockroaches can grow to 1.5 inches in length and are reddish brown.

This species lives outdoors and prefers to live in dark, damp places such as mulch or garbage. The German cockroach is a light brown species with two parallel dark stripes along its sides. They measure less than 1 inch in length and have no wings. They often find their way into the property and hide in unchecked areas.

A cockroach infestation is more than an insect problem, according to an exterminator Conway SC. It can make your skin crawl. They can spread diseases like salmonella and e. Coli. Just by walking on them, they can contaminate food and countertops. They can also cause structural damage, and can leave behind an unpleasant odor. Here are some signs that you should be aware of if you suspect you might have a cockroach crisis.


Droppings of cockroaches can be a sign you have an infestation. Cockroaches can eat almost anything, and will leave behind something that looks like coffee grounds or pepper. These droppings are smaller than 1mm in width and can be hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Smear marks

Cockroaches leave streaks behind, in addition to droppings. These streaks can be found on walls, and are often darkened, irregular smears. They are usually located in the areas they are most active.

Stench or Unusual Odor

The pheromones in the droppings of cockroaches can create a distinctive scent in infested areas. This musty odor can attract other cockroaches. This unpleasant, damp odor can penetrate almost any surface.


Finding their egg capsules is a sure sign that there is a cockroach infestation. These capsules, called oothecae or oothecae are capable of holding up to 30 nymphs.

Shedded Skin

To reach adulthood, Cockroaches must go through several stages in their life cycle. They molt between 5-8 times as they grow and become adults. You will most likely notice shedded skin if you have a cockroach infestation.

Property Damage

Cockroaches can eat almost anything and cause damage. Cockroaches can cause chew marks on food packaging. However, other materials such as leather may also be affected.

Living Roaches

Although they are usually hidden, they can be seen if you go into a dark room or kitchen, and turn on the light. It’s possible that you’ve seen more than one live cockroach.

How to combat Roaches

Roaches are a tricky pest to manage, especially if there is a large infestation. A residential exterminator is the best way to go if you suspect you have a major pest problem. Here are some tips to help you prevent or slow down the spread of pests.

Stop Them From Getting in

Although this may seem obvious, many people forget that the seasons and father-time can take a toll upon their property. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your home safe. You will make it difficult for roaches in your home to get in and keep them away.

Close the Buffet

Cockroaches, like all pests, need food. If your kitchen is messy, they will have plenty of food. They will search for food to survive

  • Unopened food
  • Debris
  • Dishrags
  • Crumbs
  • Water dishes and pet food
  • Garbage

Cut off their food source to keep them away. Keep food out of reach, clean up any spillages, and keep the kitchen clean. You should do the same for water sources. Cockroach infestation is easy to spot from dripping pipes. Cockroaches love dark, damp places. You can prevent an infestation by keeping an eye on damp areas and food storage areas.

Keep it Clean

Cockroaches prefer dark, clutter-filled areas. Cockroaches love to live in dark, cluttered areas. Clear out any clutter in your garage or attic. Do not create cockroach houses.

Clear out hiding spots

You may have several hiding places depending on which type of cockroaches you have. While some species prefer humid, warm areas, others prefer cool, damp places. They prefer to be in secluded areas. They hide in certain areas of the house, such as the

  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Drains
  • Laundry rooms are now available

They thrive in areas that are dark and cluttered with high levels of moisture. They are often found behind washing machines and refrigerators. Or they can hide in the kitchens of stoves and sinks. They can hide anywhere you put them, including behind drains, rubber mats and wallpaper. Monitoring these hot spots is key to keeping them away and making sure they’re clean.

Stamp them Out

Although a cockroach infestation can seem overwhelming, you don’t have the to do it alone. These methods may be effective in keeping cockroaches away, but you can also contact our pest control Myrtle Beach SC specialist for help.

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How do you keep your home clean of pests?

pest-control-4-300x200.jpgFor the same reasons as you, bugs want a home. They need shelter, food, and water. They will move in if they find them in your home. Common bugs found in homes include ants and cockroaches as well as earwigs, firebrats and flies. Fleas and ticks can sometimes be a problem for pet owners. These pests can appear at different times throughout the year and are more common in particular parts of the country. that’s why you need to know the most effective pest control Conway SC tips.

Do not let bugs feel at home

These are huge “welcome” signs that leave tiny gaps around your front door and tear in the screen. Signs inviting insects into your home. It seems impossible to keep bugs away all the time. Here are some simple ways to make them less common, according to exterminator Myrtle Beach SC.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Closely inspect your doors, windows, screens, and windows. Repair or caulk any cracks or holes. To keep bugs out and prevent cold drafts, add weather stripping to your door. Exterminator Myrtle Beach SC said that small cracks and openings can be likened to wide-open doors that are open for insects.

Clean up the kitchen

You don’t just look at the pantry and kitchen counter for late-night snacks, but also bugs. The sweet stuff is what ants love to eat. Indian meal moths (a.k.a. “Grain moths” love cereals, rice, and cereal. Flour beetles love a wide variety of foods, including cake mixes, dried fruits and nuts, as well as chocolate and spices. Keep your food in sealed containers. Also, make sure you buy small quantities that can be used quickly. Keep food crumbs off your floors and countertops. You can freeze your flour to keep them out. Don’t forget to keep your pet’s food safe. Insects, such as the Indian meal moth will eat it.

Dry up damp areas

The bug world is not just about food; they also seek water. Some pests that infest homes, like silverfish, springtails, and house centipedes prefer to live in damp areas. Repair any leaky pipes, drains, and faucets. Check that your dryer, washer, and air conditioner are working properly. Run a dehumidifier in damp areas, such as the basement. Don’t forget about checking the attic for moisture.

Keep your home clean and sweep regularly

Good housekeeping is a good way to keep bugs away, especially in the areas where food crumbs and other debris can build up. Vacuum weekly and empty trash cans frequently. Do not forget to clean the drains in your bathtub and kitchen sink. Drain flies can live there and seek food. To prevent these pests becoming a problem, you should use a drain cleaner regularly. Avoid piles of newspapers, magazines, and boxes. Cockroaches love to nest in them. You may also contact an expert for rodent control services.

Keep the outside clean of debris

For bugs that may move indoors, firewood stacks, compost containers, and yard waste make great hiding places. These places should be kept away from your home. Be sure to inspect your firewood for insects before you bring it in. You should remove any standing water from your yard that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Landscape beds should be free from weeds and other plant debris that can harbor pests. Also, keep your house’s foundation clear of plant branches.

Kill the Bugs That You See

Controlling small bugs as soon as they appear is key to stopping them from growing into big problems indoors. There’s a family of products offers a full line of pest control products that can be used indoors. These products include baits, aerosols and ready-to use products. Always follow the label instructions when applying products. There are products that also offers essential oil products that can be safely used around children and pets if they are used according to the directions.

Make a barrier to keep bugs out

To create a bug barrier in your home. It will kill ants, spiders, and roaches indoors on non-porous surfaces for up to 12 month. You can then stop insects from entering your home. To kill and prevent listed insects from your lawn and around your home. Follow the label instructions.

Pest Control Conway SC: Common House Bugs to Be Watchful For


Ants are skilled scavengers. Ants are known for discovering food in small pieces that hasn’t been properly stored. They are one of the most irritating house pests. For more information about how to get rid of ants in your home, click here


The cockroach is undoubtedly the most hated and most feared house pest. Just the name of cockroaches conjures up images of filthiness. Even a well-maintained home can be infested by cockroaches. Here are some ways to eliminate them.


Earwigs look far more frightening than their bites, but they are not as scary as they seem. They are most likely to have entered your home by mistake, as they prefer plants and other insects for food. Here are some things to do if they appear in your home.


Flies can ruin your indoor experience. Flies can be disruptive and annoying as well as carrying disease. For a fly-free home, follow our suggestions.

House centipedes

The centipede is the house bug that causes nightmares. They are one of the most terrifying looking insects due to their long antennae and creepy legs. These tips will help you get rid of them and keep them away.


Silverfish, a silvery, thin insect that appears at night with three long, antennae-like tails is likely to be in your home. These tiny bugs love damp areas and will eat starch from paper and book bindings. Here are some ways to stop them.

Stink Bugs

While most house insects will eat whatever food you have in the pantry, stink bugs love to eat your plants. This article will help you get rid of stinkbugs in your indoor gardens or jungles.


Spiders make great garden companions because they consume insects that could harm plants. They are not recommended for indoor use, despite their usefulness outdoors. Here are some ways to rid your home of 8-eyed web spinners.

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Do you know how to control mosquitoes in your yard?

pest-control-3-300x195.jpgYou may be too busy with controlling weeds and protecting your garden from pests this summer to notice that mosquitoes are making your yard a nursery. This means that you will have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of mosquitoes this summer. It’s not as difficult as you might think and is definitely worth the effort. Summer mosquito and pest control is more effective than using citronella candles and sprays to get rid of them.

Pest Control Tips

Check Your Gutters

If you don’t clean your gutters as part of your spring cleaning, they can become breeding areas for mosquitos. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a clogged gutter can lead to standing water. A gutter can be clogged with just a few leaves and debris. Make sure you get on top of your roof to drain the water properly. It takes less than two weeks for a new generation to mature, so it is important to act quickly.

Eliminate all standing water

Cleansing out your gutters is one part of a larger strategy for eliminating mosquitos. This involves removing all standing water from your yard. If you’re not careful, mosquitoes can find places to hide in standing water. You just need to look around your yard for any items that could retain water. Soon you’ll see that many things can hold enough water to allow mosquitoes the opportunity to breed. These include buckets and flower pots as well as tires, buckets, bird baths, wheelbarrows and toys. You can eliminate potential breeding areas for mosquitoes by removing standing water.

Make a Mosquito Trap This is a fun and inexpensive family project that can be used to control mosquitoes. You will need a 2-liter plastic bottle, tape, a cutting instrument, yeast, sugar, water, and a cutter.

Use the cutting tool to remove the top of the two-liter. Place it upside down in the bottom half. Secure the two halves with tape. This is how mosquitoes will enter the trap.

Next, add one cup sugar, one teaspoon yeast, and one-half cup hot water. The mixture should be poured through the trap until it fills the bottom half the two-liter.

That’s all! You can now set them outside at your next cookout to see how they will be attracted to the trap’s bait. They will be able enter the trap, but they won’t be able escape. This is perfect for camping trips in the woods. You can also hire mosquito services Myrtle Beach SC.

Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are able to kill mosquito eggs, and most swimming pools have enough chlorine to do the same. However, your pool could become a breeding ground for them. If you don’t use your pool, make sure it is covered and that it is regularly re-treated with chemicals. It is essential to keep your pool clean during the summer mosquito season. You can also hire a Conway exterminator if you need professional help.

Use bug lights

Install a few bug light fixtures on your deck or back porch to enjoy the summer without worrying about annoying mosquitoes. These lights are not mosquito zappers. They emit a yellow light which isn’t attractive to insects or mosquitoes. Although these lights don’t repel mosquitoes, they won’t attract them like traditional bulbs.

Hire the pest control professionals

Professional mosquito control by Custom Personalized Lawn care is the best option. We offer several programs that will help protect your yard and ensure your special events are successful without mosquito infestations.

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What is an exterminator and what can they do for you ?

pest-control-myrtl-beach-sc-300x200.jpgAn exterminator is a person who works to eliminate pests and insects from a house or business. To control pest infestations, pest control Myrtle Beach SC experts can use natural and chemical remedies. If there are small rodents or other animals on the premises, exterminators may use traps.

Pest Control Myrtle Beach SC Tips

Creepy Crawlers?

Our ecosystem is made up of insects and multi-legged creatures such as spiders and wasps. We understand that and will do our best to exterminate infestations as minimal damage as possible. Insects and rodents can cause serious health problems in your home and business. They bite and spread diseases and germs. It is important to hire an exterminator Conway SC done to eliminate them.

Is there a mouse in the house?

Rodents such as mice, rats, moles and squirrels can pose serious health risks. They can also cause significant property damage. Panicked rodents can chew through thick wood-trim around windows and doors, and can be heard running between floors and walls at all hours of day and night. These rodents, like insects, pose a health hazard and should be exterminated. An exterminator offer rodent control services can help you locate any potential places they may be hiding and provide assistance in controlling them.

Keep out uninvited guests

Zap Pest Control Inc. is an expert in helping customers find the source of an animal or insect problem. We are experts at termite control and identifying cracks and holes that allow these unwanted guests easy access to your home. We will make suggestions for what you can do to prevent future or ongoing problems.

Nearly every household, no matter how large or small, has encountered an insect or rodent problem at some point. It is not necessary to feel embarrassed to call us for assistance in getting rid of them.

We are here to help

A professional evaluation of the entire situation is essential to ensure pest control works. Because we have dealt with thousands of pest problems, we are familiar with the best solutions for each situation. We know that every situation is unique and that we must find out why.

Many exterminators will come to your house or business and spray chemicals on the area. Then they leave. To properly eradicate any pest or insect we need to know where they came from so that we can prevent future problems. We will inspect the premises thoroughly and give you recommendations on what steps to take to keep your home or business pest-free.

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How should you prepare for pest control services?

pest-control-2-300x200.jpgYou cannot just call a pest control company and then wait. Effective pest control requires partnership between professional pest control officers (PCOs), and homeowners, who take action to eliminate the pests.

Although the amount of preparation required by the homeowner is quite standard, most residential pest control experts will give you a list with specific steps to take before they visit. Several PCOs won’t treat areas not well prepared for the treatment since they could be harmful or reinfest the entire house or building.

The Best Pest Control Services in 2021

Pest Control Service for Cockroaches

There are several methods to prepare for the cockroach removal. Professionals use gel bait insecticides today to eliminate and control cockroaches. The gel bait is placed in areas where the cockroaches are likely to live, breed, or travel. For success that lasts longer, it’s crucial to clean up your house following a pest control visit. This would make the bait much more appealing by getting rid of the available food sources.

Before any pest control service is performed, it’s crucial to let the pest control professionals know if anybody has special allergies, pregnant or under the age of one. The PCO will specify that you, your family, and your pets should remain out of the affected spots for the duration.

Pest Control Service for Fleas

Fleas can be spread from the outside to pets by being in close proximity to other animals with fleas. You can purchase flea control products to use at home or hire a pest control company to treat your yard and pets. The following are some of the recommended preparations before you start exterminating fleas: Hot water is used to wash all pet bedding or destroy it. Vacuuming hard-surface floors and mopping them, including inside closets and along walls, is a good idea

Vacuuming furniture, particularly between and under cushions

Pest Control Service for Ants

Professionals often use gel bait insecticides, similar to cockroach control services. This is to manage and eliminate small ants. You have to add tiny amounts of gel bait in spots where you see ants feeding or trainling. You can place the bait on small pieces of cardboard, a holder or inside an ant station. Cleaning up any spillages, thorough vacuuming and storing food in an ant-proof container or the fridge are some of the basic steps.

Pest Control Service for Rodents

One rat or mouse could mean that there are a lot of them residing in your home, including relatives like your uncles and aunts. While there are a lot of ways to eliminate mice and rats from your home, it is possible to hire a professional at times for rodent control.

Start by sealing any doors that aren’t closed properly and repairing holes along walls and baseboards to ensure that the treatment is effective and lasts as long as possible. To make it easier to access these areas, take everything off the refrigerator’s top and under the sink.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are a serious problem and can be difficult to eradicate. Professional service is usually required to eliminate bed bugs completely. The homeowner or resident is crucial in the success and safety of a bedbug treatment program. Preparing for service:

All bedding, including sheets, covers, dust ruffles and dust ruffles must be removed. All of the bedrooms must be cleared of all bedding, and that includes the sheets, covers as well as the dust ruffles.

All bed linens should be washed in hot water. You must not replace the bed linens for at least four hours following treatment or as directed by an exterminator Myrtle Beach SC.

All personal belongings, such as clothes, toys and shoes, must be removed from furniture and floors throughout the house.

Termite Control Service

Although homeowners can learn about termites and help them understand how to control them, professionals are recommended for termite control. Professionals have the expertise and equipment needed to eliminate termites. It is due to the many species of termites, and the unique techniques required for controlling them. Subterranean termites nest near or under the ground, meanwhile, the dry wood termite colonies are found above the ground.

Pest control experts recommend that homeowners prepare for service by moving any furniture, appliances or stored materials from interior walls. To protect clothing and other items from the damage that may be caused by drilling into wall surfaces, ceilings, and closets must be covered.

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What are signs that you should call an exterminator ?

pest-control-1-300x200.jpgBed bugs, wasps, mice and ants can make your life a living nightmare. Parasites can invade your home and cause havoc. This is what everyone fears and that’s why you need the pest control expert.

Are you hearing strange sounds in your home, perhaps even crawling sounds, or the sound of insects or other creatures crawling inside walls and ceilings? This could indicate that you have mice or insects.

You should also consider the unpleasant odors these crawling creatures can cause or the food they eat. These signs will alert you to the need for an exterminator Myrtle Beach SC.

Zap Pest Control Inc. treat every level of infestation efficiently, like rodent control, while also respecting the environment.

Is it the right time to call an exterminator or not?

These are 8 pest control signs to tell you when it is time for an exterminator.

1. The problem is serious to you

It is important to determine the severity of the problem before calling in a residential pest control expert. You don’t have to panic if there are three or four ants on your kitchen counter in the middle summer. They can be easily removed by you.

A single mouse in your backyard is not a threat. If you trap many mice within a few days, then it might be time to act. Are you unsure of the severity of your situation? If in doubt, it’s better to call professionals.

2. All your efforts to solve the problem are futile

You’ve tried every possible method to eliminate the pests that invade your home. You tried both traditional and chemical pesticides, but nothing worked. Are rats and mice getting stuck in your traps as often as they would if they were visiting a local cheese shop?

Consider hiring an exterminator. The problem will only get worse if you don’t.

3. You are concerned about the safety of your family

It will be a disaster if you try to kill a nest of wasps. It is possible to be allergic to the bites of wasps and it could prove dangerous. Chemical pesticides can also be dangerous to pets and children if used incorrectly.

Do not hesitate to contact experts if you feel that your intervention could be causing harm to your family members. You can put the bees in a vacuum and transfer them to a beehive, but this is safer and more efficient.

This method can help you avoid dangerous situations and also helps the environment. Remember that insects can quickly multiply and become a problem.

4. All kinds of bugs are hated

You could certainly install mouse traps to solve the problem. You should consider hiring an exterminator if you don’t want to manage these unwanted guests yourself.

A specialized extermination team can solve your problem.

5. Expert Exterminators are required to solve your problem

Sometimes, it is enough to call an exterminator if nothing works. For example, bed bugs are very difficult to eradicate. These pests can only be eradicated by a team of professionals.

6. You Have Kids or Pets

You should be cautious with potential dangerous chemical pesticides in your home if you have children or pets.

These professionals are trained to use these products against rodents and parasites. They also protect you and your family.

Do not hesitate to call a professional if the infestation is too severe for you to manage or if you are unable to control it. You can rest assured that he will fix the problem immediately.

7. These are all types of problems

If you need to quickly eliminate parasite, rodent or insect problems, it is important to contact an exterminator. Our pest problems are not as severe as those of a Phoenix pest control service. This is because we don’t have the same venomous insects. Here are some ways to make sure this doesn’t happen.

If you hear unusual sounds in your home, especially at night, you can identify signs of rodent intrusion. You may also see damage on your walls and carpets that you can’t see with the naked eye. These visual indicators can help you determine the type of infestation.

There are many other signs that can be equally alarming. An infestation can be identified by urine and feces as well as dead animals. If you don’t come face-to-face with an infestation, it is a good sign.

Insects like bed bugs, ants, wasps and spiders can be difficult to eradicate. You can find them in junk shops or garage sales. They can also be carried by family members without their knowledge, or by your pet.

8. The Pests are Attacking You

These are signs that you should contact a professional bed bug exterminator immediately:

  • Stings that itch and keep you awake at night
  • Stings in the exact same areas on your body (arms and legs, etc.).
  • Black spots appear on your sheets, and in the seams of your mattress.
  • You can get blood stains on your pillows and sheets

These signs should be immediately reported to an exterminator if you see them in your home.

Extermination is the Only Option

Infestation is a serious problem that needs to be addressed quickly and thoroughly. You may need to call a professional to quickly solve the problem.

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How to identify if you have rats or mice in your home?

rodent-control-myrtle-beach-sc-300x200.jpgRats and mice are both types of rodents and something that you don’t want to invade your home. However, if you all of a sudden find a rodent in your home, how do you know if it’s a rat or mouse? There are different ways that could determine if mice or rats have made their way into your home. This will help you determine the best pest control methods to use.

Among the most common mistakes that are made when trying to determine what kind of rodent is in a house that’s been mistaken as a young rat for an adult mouse. But, if you have a good idea of what rodents are, you could easily distinguish the two apart and use the best rodent control Myrtle Beach SC measures. The feet and head of a young rat would be large than their bodies and their face would be blunt and stubby with wide noses. They would have a general clumsy appearance, just like most young mammals, even humans. This is compared to an adult mouse whose body would be more slim, proportioned, and their head would have a much more angled appearance to it.

How are Mice Different From Rats?

  • Adult mice will measure about 7.5 inches long, which includes the tail, while adult rats could grow as much as 18 inches long, including the tail.
  • Mice have hairy and thin tails, while rats have scaly, hairless, and thicker tails.
  • The mouse’s nose is triangular in shape while the nose of a rate is more rounded and blunt.
  • Both rats and mice could be gray or brown in color, but rats may also be black in color.
  • Mice droppings are about ¼ inch in length with pointed ends.
  • Rat droppings are ¾ inches long and with blunt ends.

Why Pest Control Is Important

Rodents are considered as commensal animals, which means they have partially depended on humans for their source of food. That’s why they’re generally found living around houses in both rural and urban areas. If the weather begins to cool, they will begin looking for indoor shelter to overwinter in. As a homeowner, you must prevent this as much as you can with help of an exterminator because of the dangers that they could introduce into your home.

Both mice and rats could damage your home’s structure by chewing through drywall, insulation, pipes, and wires. They could also damage your personal items, such as storage boxes, carpets, clothing, and furniture. They could contaminate your food as well as your food prep areas, and introduce diseases such as lymphocytic disease, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonellosis.

They could also make nesting areas behind the walls in your basement, attic, and even behind your appliances. Rodents generally reproduce fast, two rodents could become at least 20 in a short amount of time. Female mice get pregnant for 21 days and have litters that would average about six pups and it would only take those pups around six weeks until they reach their breeding age. And every female could have as much as eight litters per year. So you see, if a small rodent issue isn’t contained right away, you will eventually have a rat infestation. Call a commercial pest control expert if you’re having rat problems in the office and a residential pest control professional if you have a rodent infestation at home.

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