What Does A Pest Control Expert Do To Eliminate Ant Infestation From Your Home?

pest-control-300x200.jpgAnt infestation are common problems in many homes. They could be irritating annoyances for anybody who sees them inside their houses. The issues that people face could also differ according to every person’s situation because they could be found inside the house, outside your yard, as well as other places that they could make their presence known. Generally, when the homeowner just sees some ants that appear every once in a while, then the issue is commonly easy to eliminate using a home remedy and some kind of efficient commercial product. Also, if the owner is struggling with a huge infestation, the issues could easily become bigger and be much harder for the homeowner to eliminate permanently. So, if you have problems with ant infestation, here are a few things that a pest control expert will do to get rid of them.

Pest Control Experts Identify The Cause and Ant Species Involved

If a homeowner gets in touch with a pest control company to deal with the problems, they need to do a lot of things. The treatment that these pest control experts take may differ from one firm to another, but all pest control Myrtle Beach professionals have to determine the source and the cause of the problem first. Once the species of ant has been identified, they will then determine the most appropriate pest control treatment for your specific situation.

Pest Control Experts Evaluate The Kind of Infestation

As mentioned earlier, the next step in this kind of procedure is the check the situation to know what kind of treatment is necessary to get rid of the ant infestation. So, the exterminator would have to get as many information so they can come up with the correct plan. For example, the pest control treatment that is commonly used to eliminate pests like ants might adversely affect adults, children, and pests so these problems should be dealt with before anything else could be done. To avoid these issues with poisons as well as other types of treatments, the pest control company would have to take all of these into account before implementing any treatment.

Pest Control Professionals Apply The Appropriate Treatment

Once the exterminator has correctly identified as well as evaluated the ant infestation issue, the following course of action is making use of the right treatment. Since using most common insecticides can be poisonous if ingested by humans or animals, an alternative option is preferred. This means that the safest way to treat an ant infestation is the option that most of the expert exterminators would recommend to those who would like to keep their family safe. Generally speaking, the treatment should be efficient enough to get rid of a large number of ants if the treatment is injected. For example, in some instances, the pest control expert could find one huge colony to kill and it would provide instant relief in dealing with the ant infestation.

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Can Pests Transmit Coronavirus?

pest-control-3-300x200.jpgHow coronavirus spreads is just one of the many questions have it. With the warm season fast approaching, there are concerns as to whether it can be transmitted by insects or pests. If so, then you should hire pest control service. But the question is, can it be transmitted through pests? The answer is no.

However, you must remember that coronavirus cannot be spread by vector pests. Although the most updated and best resource for information on coronavirus is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, let’s take a look at the primary differences between the most common vector borne disease and the coronavirus so that any myths about the latter’s spread can be dispelled.

Vector Pests: What Are They?

Vector pests are mosquitoes and ticks. They are known to take on crucial roles in transmitting different critical diseases. Across the globe, mosquitoes are the primary vectors that are responsible for the spread of infections to people, and transmit Zika, malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, eastern equine encephalitis, and many more. Ticks transmit the most common vector borne infections in the U.S. like Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Common Human Coronaviruses

It was in 1960s when common human coronaviruses were first discovered. They are the most common causes of flu and common cold. There are four primary subgroupings of human coronaviruses and they’re mostly transmitted by contact with bodily fluids from a person who’s infected by basic acts such as sneezing or coughing.

The microscopic droplets given off by the infected person could be inhaled by somebody closeby or they could be likewise be spread through contact with a surface that’s contaminated and then unsuspectingly touches his or her face or rubs one’s eyes, or by something that is as basic as sharing a spoon when tasting the dessert of someone else.

How Is COVID-19 Different?

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS, and now coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 are all zoonotic coronaviruses. They are viruses that have leaped the species barrier from their typical animal hosts to human beings. This could take place through a direct contact with the animal that’s infected and they are also extremely common and when transmitted to humans, they could be spread through person to person contact, too, which makes proper handwashing as well as other precautionary actions that were outlined by the CDC crucial for the safety of the public.

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Things To Do After Pest Control Treatment For Cockroaches

pest-control-2-300x200.jpgThere are some pest problems that you can deal with on your own like a mild ant infestation. If you clean your kitchen and use a bit of borax, you will be able to manage the pest problem. But when it comes to cockroaches, pest control treatments are much more complicated. These pests are known to carry allergens, bacteria, and different kinds of diseases. So having them around is a threat to your health. Additionally, they can be quite difficult to eliminate. They could live through a nuclear explosion, so what’s a bit of pest control spray?

If you are having problems with cockroach infestation, hiring a pest control company is highly recommended. But what do you do after the treatment?

Pest Control Treatment: Dealing With The Aftermath

Avoid Bad Habits

If you have had a cockroach infestation in your home, your cleaning habits may have played a part in it. Cockroaches don’t infiltrate a house that is pristine and clean. Make sure to maintain this cleanliness. Your kitchen must be spotless before you go to bed. Don’t let trash accumulate and make sure that you take out your garbage every day.

Keep The Food Sources Away

Together with spraying, the pest control expert will use poisonous bait to eliminate cockroaches. You can make this more effective by getting rid of food sources. Avoid eating food in other areas of your house and make sure that you store all of the food in containers that are airtight. This will increase the chances for cockroaches to eat the bait.

Eliminate Access To Water

Cockroaches on the verge of dying need water. So you need to make sure that your bathtub and sinks are as dry as they can be. Wipe them down after every use to get rid of any excess water. Doing this will help in hastening the cockroach killing process.

Don’t Be Alarmed If You See More Cockroaches

A few weeks after treatment, you will see more cockroaches. Even if the pest control Myrtle Beach treatment has been extensive, some cockroaches will survive and a few will be carrying eggs. But don’t worry because the poison and the spray that’s been left by the pest control company will continue to work. Just give it enough time and cockroaches will be gone from your home soon enough.

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Common Pests In The Garage

pest-control-1-300x200.jpgOne of the most common problems when it comes to infestation are pests in the garage. The garage is a wonderful home addition. It serves several functions like protecting your vehicle, giving you an area where you can store your tools, and also provides you with the space where you can do some of your outdoor tasks. But, just like every other part of your house, the garage can also become home to insects and creatures that are looking not only for shelter but also seeks protection from various environmental threats like predators and elements. This guide will introduce some of the most common pests that are found in the garage and some pest control tips to help you deal with it.

Why Are Pests Attracted To Garages?

When you think about all the pests may get access to once they get inside your home, you will start wondering why they love to stay in your garage. The answer to this will depend on the general accessibility level of the structure.

Homeowners go in and out of the garage all the time. In some cases, the access points are even left wide open, which gives pests their much needed access to the garage. When inside, they will create a nest in corners, voids, boxes, and other vacant spots.

Because of insufficient garage maintenance, pests often go unnoticed for a long time. And when they are finally noticed, the infestation has already occurred and spread. When this happens, you can always call a pest control Myrtle Beach company to help you.

Common Pests

Spiders – these pests are extremely common in garages. They are more noticeable than other insects perhaps because they feed on them. Additionally, there are several secluded and dark areas where these pests can make their nests and lay their eggs. When the population begins to rise, these arachnids would spread and the process will continue. Because of their stealth methods as well as their general attraction to solitude, it’s usually hard to determine if there is an infestation right away.

Silverfish – Garages often have boxes, clothing, and newspapers piled up in one corner, which are attractive to silverfish. They munch on those kinds of things and other items like glue. When they are inside the garage, they will conceal themselves in corners, cracks, inside the boxes, and underneath the shelves. They tend to go unnoticed thanks to their speed and overall characteristics. But they tend to cause a significant amount of damage before they are detected.

Rodents – Rodents infest garages with areas where they can keep themselves warm and secured. They can find their way through wall spaces and in any area that can provide them with the warmth that they need. In case the garage isn’t sealed correctly, rodents will find a way to get access inside. Once they get in, they will start to wreak havoc like chew on boxes, wires, and walls even. In many instances, they would leave behind indications that they’ve been there like fecal matter.

Grasshoppers and Crickets – if the weather is dry and warm, you may notice that there are lots of grasshoppers and crickets in your garage. If you have clothes in your garage, it won’t take too long for these pests to destroy them. You may find it hard to control these types of pests because of their jumping abilities. When this happens, you need the help of pest control professionals.

Beetles – different types of beetles may infest your garage. The ground beetle is the most common one.

Snakes – snakes can easily get access to your garage if you leave it open. Snakes are natural predators that hunt and if there are other creatures inside your garage, they might try to find a way to slither inside to feed. You need the expertise of a pest control company to get rid of a snake.

Whether your garage or your entire house is infested, our team here at Zap Pest Control Inc. will use only the safest and most effective pest control methods to get rid of these pesky critters from your home.

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Is Spring The Best Season For Pest Control?

pest-control-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgOne of the best seasons to deal with pest in your home is during spring. During this time, some of the most common household pests are at their weakest. Therefore, it is best to hire a pest control Myrtle Beach professional to help you out.

Winter is the time when most of the pest population like mosquitoes, ticks, bees, and spiders die. But, only a few pests only die off if it’s only mild winter. Also, these little critters will have a head start in causing damage in your home.

This holds true when it comes to pests like bees, ants, and spiders. With all of these pests, they cannot tolerate cold and that is why as much as half of their population die in areas with cold winter.

So, it’s better to tackle your pest infestation using the most effective pest control method early in the season. There are many ways to achieve this.

Common Pest Control Myrtle Beach Tips

Having your home sprayed in early spring is among the most common pest control methods. This kind of preventive maintenance is important in keeping the pest population under control.

Keep mulch and plants at least three feet from your home. It may seem very simple but this basic pest control tip can help keep pillbugs, centipedes, and rodents at bay.

Tighten the seals on your windows and doors. Pests can easily find their way inside your house through the smallest cracks and spaces. They can get access to your home through small gaps around your plumbing pipes, incorrectly sealed attics, under the window frames, and other crawl spaces.

Get rid of standing water. Mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches love stagnant water. To avoid moisture buildup, which attracts pests, you should repair any noticeable roof leaks as soon as possible. Look for leaks in your plumbing system and don’t forget to clear the gutters of leaves and debris regularly so that water won’t build up as the pests’ breeding or drinking source.

To make sure that they don’t get inside your house, you should make sure that screens fit your windows correctly, torn screens are repaired, and old weatherstripping is replaced with new ones. In case there are big cracks and holes, be sure to seal as well as caulk right away to ward off cockroaches, spiders, and mice from getting access to your house.

Clear your garage and attic. Get rid of all the cardboard boxes and clutter, which attract silverfish and spiders. To get rid of pests, you should consider reducing the amount of cardboard boxes that you have in your storage areas. You should also keep them clean and organized.

Calling a pest control expert that specializes in pest control in Myrtle Beach is another thing that you should do. The team at Zap is comprised of experienced pest control experts who know the most effective and best ways to make sure that your home is free of these pesky critters.

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DIY & Pest Control Services To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes From Your Yard

pest-control-300x186.jpgAre you ready for the mosquito breeding season? How can you eliminate the mosquitoes from your yard? Listed below are a few tips on how to lower the chances that these pests will breed in your yard this summer.

In order to get rid of mosquitoes from your property effectively, you have to know a bit more about these insects. By understanding their breeding cycles, habitats, and habits, you will be better prepared in defending your home.

Mosquito Breeding Cycles

Why are mosquitoes prominent in your yard? What is it about your property that has these insects hovering around and waiting for their next bite? The process of how mosquitoes mate is quite intriguing because female mosquitoes have to encounter a male mosquito only once to mate and they can produce eggs as much as five times during summer from just one encounter.

After mating with the male mosquito, the female mosquito will rest for a while before she sets of to find a place where she can lay her eggs. The ideal locations are swamps, marshes, water, or any place where there’s enough moisture. The location where female mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs differ according to their species. There are some that lay their eggs in clumps or singly on the water surface  while others lay above the water line where they will stay until rain comes and raises the water level, which will then submerge the eggs and make them hatch.

When the eggs hatch, they will turn into larvae and then mature into a pupae and become an adult mosquito. The life cycle of mosquitoes will depend on the species, sex, weather conditions, and a lot more. They could live everywhere from one week to several months, which a few species capable to overwinter as adults.

Breeding Locations

Mosquitoes have lots of breeding locations but it will take only a small amount of water for a female mosquito to lay her eggs. You should inspect for stagnant water. The common places you need to check are the gutters, downspouts, tarps, tires, pots and planters, bird baths, open buckets and trash cans, and everything else that can hold water after a rain.

DIY Mosquito Control Methods

Mosquito Repellent Candles – you can provide your yard with short term relief using candles that contain citronella. However, you need to note that this option doesn’t work well during windy days.

Natural Plants – if you are not crazy about pesticides, then you should consider planting marigolds, rosemary, catnip, or citronella on your property.

Outdoor Bug Foggers – offers temporary relief but their effectiveness differs. Foggers need to be used with extreme caution and make sure to follow all directions indicated on the labels.

Outdoor Bug Sprays – attach a hose to the bug spray and use it throughout your property. Be sure to focus on the vegetation as well as in all the shady areas. Bug sprays remain effective much longer than foggers.

Professional Pest Control Services

You can hire pest control professionals for a one time service. This works best for special events but the effectiveness will only last for a few weeks. You can also choose season pest control services. They are performed every few weeks during May through September to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

Before you call a pest control Myrtle Beach company, be sure to know what your needs are. Do you want protection all summer long or just for one special event? The answer will help you decide which service is best for you.

Mosquitoes can ruin your summer activities and stop you from having fun. You don’t have to let them since you can always hire pest control experts like Zap Pest Control Inc.

If you wish to know more about our mosquito control services, then you should call Zap Pest Control Inc. right away.

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Tips To Ward Off Pest Infestation

pest-control-4-300x203.jpgWarm weather is on its way, but it also brings more pest activities from arachnids, insects, and various other invertebrates. It’s much easier to prevent these pests from becoming an infestation, however, if they are already inside your house, there’s no need to panic. Get to know some of the most common springtime pests and learn how to deal with them using the following pest control tips.

Common Springtime Pests

Pest control experts say that there are three types of pests that remain dormant during winter and emerge once again during spring. These are flies, termites, and ants. When temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, these pests lay low and resurface later on once the weather becomes warmer.

The number 1 nuisance pest in the United States are ants. They don’t die out during the colder season but may be outside of the structure in landscaping or mulch, hiding beneath the rocks or even inside through the insulation if they want to stay warm.

Termites are visible during spring. It’s the time they start to come out to mate and create new colonies that could destroy the wood in structures.

Meanwhile, flies tend to stay dormant during winter but will start to invade structures when the temperatures begin to rise.

Cockroaches as well as bedbugs are active throughout the year since they’re most active inside the house but must still be covered for in spring when pest control activities are being done.

Proactive Pest Control Tips

The best thing you can do when it comes to pest control is to have an integrated pest control treatment program set in place that anticipates the most common pests in your area and checks according to the situation, and proactively takes action.

Pest control firms can check your property on a monthly or weekly basis and determine emerging outbreaks as well as conditions that may bring about infestation, like moist wood that could lure carpenter ants or perhaps leaves getting blow up against the foundation that offer nesting spaces.

Apart from implementing a good pest control Myrtle Beach strategy, be sure that all screened windows are in good condition to make sure that flies are kept out. Move the garbage cans or refused areas far from the building, if it is possible, and make sure that the compactor room or the trash chute are kept clean. You should also seal any entry point and install a door sweep to keep ants at bay.

Once a pest infestation has settled inside your home, you have to call in a pest control professional like Zap Pest Control Inc. to deal with it before it gets even much worse. These professionals will begin with the least toxic way to control the infestation.

Don’t try to handle the infestation yourself. Different insects need different treatments and you may end up having more problems if you use the wrong one.

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