Can Pest Infestations Affect Your Emotional Health?

Pest infestations can cause psychological and emotional damage as well as physical health problems. You can prevent pest infestations from occurring by knowing the potential damage that rodents or insects can cause to your home and your business. This will help protect your family and staff. You can also hire pest control experts to help you get rid of these pesky critters.

Pests can cause emotional damage to the entire family, regardless of whether there are older or younger children. Pests can cause damage to your business, including lawsuits, in commercial buildings such as hotels and one instance recently reported in a grocery store. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you prevent this from happening to your business or home.

Psychological effects of pests

Infestation affects all five senses. Pests can be ugly and produce a foul-smelling stench that can change how you see the environment. There are two options: you could feel the bed bugs crawling on your skin or hear them scurrying about in the walls. You may have nightmares, flashbacks, or fear of entering a room with bugs. Consider the psychological and emotional consequences of pest infestations in your home or business.

1. Phobias

Phobia is a fear that causes disorientation or impairment and can be caused by an intense fear of an object, person or place. This psychological phenomenon causes a person to react negatively even if they are just thinking about a rodent or bug being there. If you experience any of these symptoms, then you probably have a phobia with pests.

Intense fear of the pest: This can make bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, or other insects seem dangerous or deadly. These pests can cause illness or threaten your property. This is your body’s way of protecting itself. The fear can be so intense that it can become unbearable. You might think of the rodent or insect as the end of the world.

Anxiety that is uncontrollable: Panic attacks can occur when the thought or sight of a pest triggers your thoughts. Panic attacks can cause nausea, vomiting, racing heart, trembling and difficulty breathing. You don’t think rationally when you confront the object of fear.

These are just a few of the phobias that you might have due to pest infestations.

  • Katsaridaphobia is a fear of cockroaches.
  • Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders.
  • Entomophobia is a fear of all insects that can be extreme and irrational.
  • Musophobia: You might be afraid of rats and mice.
  • Apiphobia is a term that describes someone who has a fear of bees.
  • Myrmecophobia is an extreme fear of ants that can be characterized as myrmecophobia.

The fear is unfounded. It is best to learn about the pests and their benefits. Some insects, such as bees, spiders and ants can help to improve the ecosystem and even eat pests like mosquitoes. You can also learn to prevent anthills and beehives, create safe areas in your home, or call an exterminator for help.

2. Delusional Parasitosis (DP)

It’s possible for you to feel a crawling sensation when you come across a disgusting insect. In extreme cases, the feeling could become so bad that it can affect your psychological or emotional health. This disorder is not something you may be aware of. People won’t always talk about the condition, so it is possible to feel shame or guilt.

These symptoms may be present if you have had a pest infestation.

  • Invisible bugs: People who have DP believe they have an infestation. You might feel a crawling sensation, hallucinations or itchiness.
  • Self-harm: People suffering from DP will do anything to get rid of the tiny insects and bugs that are on their skin. To relieve itching, they might use tweezers or other products to get rid of them. They end up doing more damage than good.
  • Pesticide use excessively: People with DP may use too many chemicals or pesticides to get rid of the pests. Pest control companies in Myrtle Beach only use safe amounts of chemicals to eliminate the pests. However, excessive pesticide use can cause harm to your environment and yourself.

3. Obsessive-Compulsive Disease (OCD).

OCD symptoms can also develop in those who have experienced a pest infestation. The condition causes intrusive thoughts, images and urges to enter a person’s head, mostly around seeing or hearing the pest. These thoughts can be eliminated by engaging in repetitive or compulsive mental activities, such as cleaning their environment or taking care of their own needs.

These symptoms may be seen in people who are anxious about pests.

Obsessive house cleaning is when a person with OCD has a strong desire to clean their home repeatedly. They might sweep the floor, clean the table, or wash their hands many times before they feel their home or body are clean enough. OCD people might be too obsessed to clean after a pest infestation.

OCD can lead to contamination obsessions. OCD sufferers could be extremely anxious about the possibility of coming in contact with dirt, germs, sticky residue, or dust. They may develop washing or cleaning compulsions, such as excessive toilet wiping, brushing teeth, and showering. They will also feel that their clothes are always dirty and feel the need for laundry more often than they should.

4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

A severe distressing event can trigger PTSD, which is an extreme anxiety disorder. This disorder usually occurs after a traumatic event that is repeated or prolonged. Symptoms may not appear until many years later. People can develop PTSD from being bitten by bees, swarmed or bitten by wasps or suffering damage from rodents such as bed bugs, cockroaches, or spiders.

People with PTSD are triggered by their trauma. They may relive the negative experience if they come across a photograph or a healthy amount of insects in a safe area or return to the spot where they were attacked. These are the symptoms of PTSD that can be caused by engaging with a pest.

Nagging memories: The memory of a traumatizing event such as seeing or feeling large numbers of rodents or insects in your home will stay with you. Unwanted, repetitive, and distressing memories of the event and your feelings during it will be present. These memories can manifest in nightmares or flashbacks and cause you to replay the traumatizing experience as if it had happened again. Sometimes, you might experience emotional distress such as anger, humiliation or depression when someone reminds you of what happened.

Avoidance: You can avoid reliving the event by developing habits of avoidance. This means that you will not talk about or think about it again. Avoidance: You may avoid certain people, places, or activities that are reminiscent of the event.

Negative thoughts and emotions: Your traumatic experience could have triggered feelings like death or hopelessness. You may also develop negative thoughts about yourself, the world and other people. Memory problems could result, such as forgetting important details about the trauma. You may find it difficult to maintain close relationships and lose interest in activities that you once enjoyed.

Changes in your emotional and physical reactions to pest infestations: Things that used to make you happy will no longer have the same effect if they are traumatic. You might become more startled or scared quickly, and you should be alert in case of danger. You might resort to self-destructive behaviors like alcohol or drug abuse to numb the pain. You might also experience difficulty sleeping, concentrating, or have aggressive or irritability.

5. Psychological Intervention

Psychological interventions are steps that you can take to relieve distress by working with professionals. Contact a professional therapist if you have any of these symptoms. You can also contact pest control services to put your mind at rest. A trained exterminator in Myrtle Beach will be able to treat or prevent future infestations.

Watch for our next post – The most emotionally damaging pests

You can avoid pest infestations by hiring a pest control company such as Zap Pest Control, Inc.

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How To Prepare For Pest Control Service

You cannot just call a pest control company and then do nothing to prepare your home before they arrive. Effective pest control requires a partnership between professional pest control operators (PCOs), and homeowners, where both take action to eliminate the pests.

Although the amount of preparation required by the homeowner is quite standard, most PCOs will give you a list detailing the steps that must be taken before they visit. Many PCOs won’t treat areas not prepared for treatment because they could be unsafe or reinfest the entire house or building.

Preparation Tips Before Pest Control Treatment

Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

There are many ways to prepare for cockroach removal. Experts use gel bait insecticides these days to eliminate as well as control cockroaches. The gel bait is placed in areas where the cockroaches are likely to live, breed, or travel. For long-term success, it is important to clean your home before a pest control visit. This will make the bait more appealing by removing food sources.

Before any service is performed, it is important to inform the PCO if anyone is experiencing special allergies, or if a house member is pregnant or under the age of one. The PCO will specify that pets and people should not be allowed to enter the service area.

Flea Control Service

Fleas can be spread to pets from the outside, or from other pets. You can purchase flea control products to use at home or hire a pest control company to treat your yard and pets. Here are a few preparation tips before you begin the extermination of fleas.

  • Use hot water for the beddings of your pets.
  • Vacuum the carpet, and mop hard surface floors, including walls and in closets.
  • Vacuuming furniture is a good idea, especially under and between cushions.

Ant Control Service

Pest control specialists often use gel bait insecticides for ant infestations, similar to cockroach control services. You will need to place tiny portions of the gel bait in areas where you see ants trailing or feeding. You can place the bait on small pieces of cardboard, a holder or inside an ant station. You will need to clean up any spillages, vacuum thoroughly, and store your food in an ant-proof container or the fridge.

Rodent Control Service

A single mouse or rat can indicate that an entire family is living in your home. While there are many ways to eliminate mice and rats from your home, it is possible to hire an exterminator at times.

For the best results, repair any holes along walls and baseboards. Seal the doors properly to make sure that the treatment would last. Clear off the top portion of your refrigerator and the cabinet under the sink for easier access.

Bed Bug Service

Bed bugs are a serious problem and can be difficult to eradicate. A professional treatment service is usually required to eliminate bed bugs completely. The homeowner or resident is crucial in the success and safety of a bedbug treatment program. Preparing for service calls:

  • All bedding (sheets and covers, dust ruffles etc.) must be removed. All bedrooms should be cleared of all bedding, including sheets, covers and dust ruffles.
  • All bed linens should be washed in hot water. You should not change the bed linens until at least four hours following treatment or as directed by the PCO.
  • All personal belongings, including clothing, shoes, and stored materials, must be removed from furniture and floors throughout the house.

Termite Service

Although homeowners can learn about termites and help them identify problems, professionals for pest control in Myrtle Beach are recommended for termite control. Professionals have the expertise and equipment necessary to eliminate termites. It’s because of the different termite species as well as the unique methods needed to control them. Subterranean termites nest close to or below the ground, while colonies of dry wood termites can be found above ground.

PCOs suggest that homeowners should prepare for the pest control service by moving any appliances, furniture, or any stored items from their interior walls at least three feet away (wherever possible) from the spots the technician has designated as being in need of treatment. Don’t forget to cover your closets.

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12 Pest Control Tips For Summer Bugs

We have many pests and critters in South Carolina during summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking termites, ticks, termites or any other pest, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to protect your family and yourself from these unsightly creatures. Pest control services are an essential part of this puzzle.

To reduce your summer pest problems, you have other options.

To help you get through summer without having to deal with the bees and bugs that accompany it, we have compiled a list of our top 12 pest control Myrtle Beach tips. Continue reading to find out more.

Pest Control tips will keep pests away all summer.

1. Protect your skincl

To bite or attach to you, bugs such as ticks and mosquitoes must have access to your skin. Many people go outside in summer wearing shorts and a tank. Consider wearing long, lightweight, moisture-wicking, long sleeves if you plan on hiking in an area with large tick populations or relaxing by a lake with high mosquito numbers.

2. Wear light colored clothes

Some bugs, such as the mosquito, are attracted more to dark colors than to light ones. Swapping out dark colors with lighter ones is one of the best ways to reduce the number of mosquito bites this summer. This simple change can have a significant impact on the number of mosquito bites that you bring home as a summer souvenir.

3. Avoid skewed products

You can keep the bugs away if you wear perfumes or colognes in summer. Why? The intense perfume or cologne scents are attractive to many insects. Even though we may not consider them “scented,” there are many personal products that attract insects, such as magnets. Unscented sunscreens, lotions and hair products will keep bugs away.

4. Eliminate standing water

Standing water is a favorite of bugs. Standing water is a favorite of mosquitoes. Your pool may be safe because of the chemicals, but a bucket that has collected rainwater could attract more mosquitoes. You should inspect the exterior of your house and get rid of any standing water.

5. Use Your Garden

Although it is not guaranteed, some plants have been shown to repel mosquitoes. You might consider planting lemon thyme and sweet basil around your home. These flowers and herbs could reduce the number of biting insects in the area.

6. Use Insect Repellent

Applying the correct insect repellent can be essential to prevent mosquito bites. Bug repellents can come in handy if you are going to be outdoors in wooded areas, or at certain times of the day. You should always follow the instructions on the label as certain repellents may have additional safety restrictions.

7. Trim the Hedges

Basically, bugs love messy yards. They love hiding in big piles of leaves and overgrown grass. You can reduce the number of insects in your yard by cleaning it up.

8. Check Your Screens

We feel the need to open the windows to let in fresh air as the weather gets warmer. To make sure that your screens are intact, you should inspect all windows in your home. Check for holes in screens and gaps where they meet with the frame of the window or door.

9. Get rid of all the junk!

Spiders and dust mites are indoor insects that prefer dark, dusty and untidy places. Roaches and ants love dirty counters and food that has been improperly stored. Spring cleaning is a good idea as summer approaches. Your home will be less likely to attract bugs if it is clean. Get started with spring cleaning by downloading our Spring Cleaning Guide!

10. Look out for ticks

You’re probably familiar with the horrible creatures ticks can be if you have ever tried to brush your hair but found a tick stuck to your head. Avoid areas that have dense woods and tall grass as this is where ticks often congregate. When you return from a hike, make it a habit to check for ticks. Perform a thorough scan of your surroundings and remove any you find.

11. Be on the lookout for dusk or dawn

Different insects have different feeding times. The vast majority of mosquito species in America prefer to feed at dusk or dawn. This is why you will get more mosquito bites from people who are sitting on their porches right around dusk. Avoid spending too much time outside when the sun is rising or setting.

12. Pest Control Services

Working with a pest control company that understands summer pest control is one of the best ways you can protect yourself against summer bugs.

We at Zap Pest Control Inc. have the experience and knowledge to eradicate pests from your home using our safe, effective and environmentally-friendly approach.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the help of skilled exterminators to get rid of pests from your home.

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How Do Pests Get Inside Your House

As the warm weather draws near, you might be preparing to spend more time inside your home. However, it’s not just you who wants to stay at home to feel cool this coming summer. When the outdoor conditions change, insects will begin to look for spots where they can thrive. Your house could provide them with a habitat that is insect friendly. So be sure you’re prepared by setting in place pest control measures to protect your home.

Pest Control Tips To Keep Them Out of Your Home

You need to check these places to make sure that the insects will not be able to exploit even the smallest opening to get access to your house.


Be sure that your doors are sealing tightly against the thresholds. These include the garage door. You should install new door sweeps if needed. Look carefully around the doors for any light that may be coming through. If there’s light then that is one spot where insects may enter.


Inspect the window screens for holes and fix them as required. Additionally, inspect the weather stripping for any worn out sections that may provide the pest with a point of access.

Wall Passages

Check all cable, plumbing, heating, as well as ventilation item that goes through the walls of your home. Another pest control Myrtle Beach measure you can do is to prevent the entry of insects by using a double seal. You can also caulk outside and put spray foam inside.

Exhaust Fans and Dryer Vents

You should also check the exhaust fans and vents from your kitchen, bathroom, or dryer. Check the vent dampers to make sure that they are moving they are moving freely and are not broken or stuck open.


Seal noticeable openings between the house siding and the trim. Additionally, check where the side walls merge with the foundation. Insects and pests will love it if they find even the tiniest opening here.

Foundation and Exterior Walls

Check the foundation and the walls for noticeable holes and cracks. You should be able to see at least a few inches of the foundation on top of the soil line. In case you don’t, then you have to remove the soil and make a barrier between the earth and the exterior walls of your home. As you are preparing your landscaping for summer, you should check the planting beds and the plants close to your home. Keep mulch pulled away from the foundation of your home. Prune plantings so you can make sure that the branches don’t touch your house.

Crawl Space

Check the screens over the crawl space openings. Any floor on top of a crawl space will represent a possible entry point for any insects and rodents. In case you cannot wriggle into the crawl space to check these things then you have to find someone who can help you.

Roof Vents, Soffit, and Fascia

A quick check at these spots could reveal noticeable problems. You have to inspect the junctures between the adjoining lines in the roof, which are the preferred entry points for Yellow Jackets and Wasps. Pay attention to the vent screens on the roof to ensure that all edges are fastened securely and there no critters prying or chewing on it.

Chimney Gaps

At least once a year, check your chimney cap. Think of getting one installed if you do not have one. It will keep raccoons, squirrels, and birds from building a home of their own in your home. Aside from making sure that critters are out for obvious reasons, you need to remember that they sometimes carry insects into your house as well.

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Carpenter Ants: How Much Damage They Can Do And Some Pest Control Tips

Carpenter ants are as bad as termites and pest control measures need to be taken as soon as possible. You may have even heard someone say that termites are a multi billion dollar issue but carpenter ant damage in the U.S. only costs hundreds of millions. Although this is true, this is a threat that you should never take lightly. If you leave it untreated, carpenter ants could do a lot of damage to your house. Here are a few things you need to know.

Among the biggest reasons why carpenter ants do not do as much damage as subterranean termites is that they are not as secretive. Because carpenter ants do not consume food, they need to do something with the wood waste that they are producing. This frass or sawdust is pushed out of the kick out holes and builds up of the walls and floors. When this happens, it will let the homeowner know of a possible pest problem, and a professional pest control Myrtle Beach is called on for assistance. But what if the frass accumulates in an areas that is hard to spot or where it could easily blend in? The consequence will be ongoing damage that could start to look a lot like termite damage.

Carpenter ants are known for feeding on rotting timbers or soft wood but they are also known to move into sound wood. Once they do that, they could easily weaken the support beams and cause the structure to warp, which is the same thing that termites do.

Pest Control Tips For Carpenter Ants

Because carpenter ants are attracted to rotten wood, controlling the moisture in your yard will help in making your home less appealing to them.

You need to address broken gutters that let water to run down the side of your house. You should also fix leaky hoses or damaged spigots that you may have in your house. Loosen the ground that’s been compacted so that rainwater cannot pool close to the foundation walls. Trim bushes or trees to allow the sunlight into spaces that get too much shade.

It is also crucial to get rid of food sources in your backyard. In case you’ve got wood borders for the flower beds, a stone border is not just a great landscape idea, it could also assist you in resisting carpenter ants.  You should move construction materials or firewood to a minimum of 20 feed from your home’s foundation walls. Keep a border of two feet between your foundation and mulch or think about changing mulch with crushed stone.

If left unattended, carpenter ant damage could be costly to you as the homeowner. It is never a good thing to let a pest problem go untreated. In case you are seeing worker ants or maybe swarmers in and around your property, you should call a pest control specialist right away.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. for any pest problem in your house. Our team is always ready to help you by setting up an effective and safe pest control strategy to deal with your pest problems.

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Top 7 Tips For Spring Pest Control

Spring is right around the corner! Many associate this time of the year with warm weather, short sleeves, flowers in bloom, and warm weather. It also means the return of pests. Once dormant creatures become hungry and homeless during the season shift. It may be easier for pests than usual to infiltrate after a long, harsh winter. It’s the best time to prevent any unwanted guests from entering your home as you start spring cleaning. These are seven top pest control tips to stop spring pest problems.

Pest Control Tips

7. Know Your Enemy

If you don’t know what your options are, pest control Myrtle Beach can be difficult. Some pests can be found all year round, but some are more active in spring. This is when some pests begin their mating season. Termites start to swarm and rats begin their mating seasons. After the winter freeze, there is plenty of water available for mosquitoes to thrive.

Other pests become more active as the weather warms. As ants search for food, spiders appear. Temperature increases can lead to increased travel and spread of hitch-hiking insects like bed bugs and ticks. It’s much easier to identify the problem and then fortify against it.

6. Check Your Exterior

Winter weather can be harsh. The change in temperature and severe winter storms could cause major damage to your home’s exterior. Pests can find a cozy place to nest in any of the new weaknesses on your property. You can allow pests to enter your home through cracks or chipped window panes. Sneaky intruders can also enter your home through roof damage and loose siding. Perform yearly wear and tear maintenance to keep pests away.

5. Take a look at your interior

The next step after inspecting the exterior of your property is to check the interior. Spring cleaning goes beyond washing your curtains. Spring cleaning is a great time to inspect any holiday decorations for any hidden items. Basements and attics are prime locations, along with any areas where utilities are kept. Damp basements can attract spiders and silverfish, while attics are great places for rodent nesting. You must be thorough and ensure that no pests have entered your home.

4. Take care of your yard

It’s time for you to inspect your yard as the snow melts, and temperatures rise. Fall and winter can leave behind potential pest hazards like dead leaves, snowmelt, and mud. Any moist wood or thick overgrowth could be home to potential spring pests. In addition, stagnant water or standing water in puddles and in clogged gutters could be ideal for mosquito breeding. To avoid potential pest problems, you should start taking care of your property immediately.

3. Monitor Food & Waste

Pests will be looking for shelter, food, water and food after the winter freeze. You can keep them out of your house and property by being careful about how you store potential food sources. All food and trash containers should be kept in sealed airtight containers. Make sure to clean up any spillages quickly and seal your trash can or outdoor garbage container.

2. Control Moisture

Spring often brings with it a lot more moisture, including rain, snow, runoff and overflow. Water is a magnet for pests because they seek water or thrive in damp environments.

Leaky pipes can block gutters and make it difficult for wildlife to access the water. It doesn’t matter how often it rains or snows, you need to make sure your gutters are clear and your plumbing is maintained.

1. Keep it Clean

It’s why they call it spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is the best time to get rid of any dirt or clutter that has accumulated over winter. Pest problems can be caused by clutter and buildup. Pests love to find places to hide in extra junk, and messy homes can be a breeding ground for many types of insects and rodents. Keep your home tidy to prevent pests from entering or to give them reason to leave,

Reaching out to a Pest Control Professional

The perfect time to fortify your home against pest invasions is spring. These easy tips will help you keep your home pest-free. You can make home improvements and keep your yard tidy with a new season.

These pest control tips are a great way of keeping unwanted guests away from your home. However, even the most diligent homeowner can still be affected by a pest problem. For a thorough pest inspection, call a professional pest control company if you suspect that you have an infestation.

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Pest Control Tips For Spring

The start of spring means rejuvenation and renewal can begin. Flowers will soon bloom, birds will start to sing, while animals will begin to venture out. Spring can be very enjoyable, however, it could also lead to a lot of unwanted pest issues. As we start to prepare for the spring and summer seasons, it’s crucial to keep pests at bay. Now that nature is coming back to life, it’s the perfect time to begin considering some spring pest control tips.

Spring Pest Control Tips

Common pests that are reinvigorated during the spring season are the ants, bees, rodents, and mosquitoes. Don’t let them invade your home using these simple pest control Myrtle Beach tips.

Preventive Pest Control With A Pest Control Company

From disgust and damage to diseases and sickness, pests could be disastrous for many reasons. Even if your home doesn’t have a pest problem yet, it’s best to invest in preventive pest control because it’s cheaper than trying to get rid of an infestation. Hire a reliable company such as Zap Pest Control Inc.

Store Food, Dispose Waste Properly

Animals need shelter, water, and food in order to survive. Pet food, standing water, garbage, and gardens can attract pests. If you remove all the possible water and food sources, your risk of suffering from pest problems falls significantly.

You just have to make sure that you follow the right processes when it comes to food storage and cleaning. You should keep the trash cans covered tightly and store the pet food in sealed containers.

Control Moisture

A leaking pipe or a pool of water can offer enough water to attract pests. There are many pests that love high humidity areas for egg production. Make sure to fix any leaky pipe as soon as you can. Your home must be at optimal humidity and temperature. Don’t forget to get rid of standing water and trim grass regularly. The downspouts and gutters must be clear and clean and get tires and other moist collectors.

Check The Perimeter and Seal The Entryways

Openings in your house offer the perfect entryway for pests. Check your property for possible entrance for unwanted pests. Go around your home’s perimeter and focus on areas where utilities such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing enter. If there are any gaps or cracks, you can use a weatherproof caulk to cover them. For larger holes and gaps, you can use an expandable foam sealant. If you see any indication of pest presence such as rotted wood and mud tubes, you should contact a pest control expert right away.


Spring is the best time to clean the house. Aside from taking care of food spills and storing food properly, make sure you spend time to perform spring cleaning and inspection.

Call A Licensed Pest Control Expert

Pests never travel alone. If you see one, you’ll find others lurking nearby. So, even if you only see one this spring, make sure you call a pest control expert right away before it becomes a full blown pest invasion.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now and let us help you protect your home from pests.

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Pest Control: Six Pests You May Have In Your Attic

The attic is a place homeowners often neglect. Most of the time, the roof is used to store holiday decorations and boxes. The attic is a great place for pests. Pests are able to make nests in attics, which are darkened and rarely visited. If it’s been infested with these pesky critters, you need the help of expert pest control specialists to get rid of them.

Your attic is prone to infestations, whether it be unwanted mice or ants. Here, Zap Pest Control Inc. explains what pests can live in your attic this winter and how you can prevent them.

Pest Control Tips: Pests To Watch Out For


Termites are known to be deadly hidden killers. Termites are not satisfied and will always seek out food to eat. They eat 24 hours a day, so they can do so much damage. Your attic is a great place for termites because they will eat boxes, wood and anything else that they find. Your home can be saved from being literally eaten away by termites by eliminating an infestation. You’ll find Eastern Subterranean termites in Myrtle Beach. Formosan termites are also common. Termites can be identified by bulges in wallpaper or paint, holes in furniture made of wood and boxes with wings. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you immediately if you suspect that there is a termite infestation.


Cockroaches are one of the most widespread household pests in the world. Cockroaches prefer to live in tight spaces, close to food and water. Cockroaches are often found in bathrooms and kitchens, where they can be found using secondhand appliances, bags, and boxes. Cockroaches can spread bacteria and other pathogens to food and food. These preventative measures can help you prevent cockroach infestations in your home this winter.

  • Get rid of unneeded clutter
  • Make Clean Dishes
  • Get rid of water sources
  • Seal Your House
  • Vacuum Regularly
  • Store pet food
  • Clean Around Appliances


More than 35,000 spider species are known around the globe, but only 3,500 of these species have been found in the United States. Spiders are generally beneficial, preying on insects, crickets, mites and other household pests. While most spiders are not harmful to humans, they can still be annoying. These simple pest control Myrtle Beach steps will help you prevent spiders entering your home.

  • Keep a tidy home.
  • Do not leave food out as it attracts other insects and, consequently, spiders.
  • Regularly vacuum up spider webs.
  • You should seal any cracks and entry points within your home.
  • Maintain a healthy landscape. Keep plants and vegetation away from your home.


Although ants are not a problem but a nuisance, they can infest your attic. It’s a good idea if you discover ants in your house or business to track their entry points and follow their path. To eliminate your ant colony permanently, you should call a pest control specialist from Zap Pest Control Inc. The visible ants will be killed by household sprays or over-the-counter treatments. Most likely, the source of the infestation is hidden within your own home.


Winter is the time when many pests seek warmth and shelter indoors. The most common rodent found in winter is the mouse. The home of house mice is usually in basements and attics. They can damage your property by chewing through walls, wires and other electrical wiring that could then ignite an electric fire. Also, mice can spread diseases such as Salmonella and tapeworms and can contaminate food. These preventative steps will help you avoid mice infesting the home this winter.

  • Seal Entry Points
  • Clean-Up
  • Pets


There are many species of centipedes, but the most prevalent one is the house centipede. They can have up to 177 pairs. These insects prefer dark and damp areas so large closets or attics make great hiding places. Although you won’t find thousands or hundreds of centipedes, an infestation can be annoying. It is important to identify them and remove them from your attic. Start by setting up a trap for common household pests. Zap Pest Control Inc. can help you if your traps are clogged with centipedes and other pests.

Zap Pest Control Inc. is committed to providing the best quality service and the best customer care in the industry. Our pest control services have been protecting commercial and residential properties for years. We can help you keep your property free from pests and wildlife this season.

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Pest Control Tips: Common Spring Pests

Spring is just around the corner and fluctuations in temperature encourage rain, plant growth, new beginnings and spring cleaning. We are excited to celebrate the arrival of Myrtle Beach’s unpredictable winter and the return of the sun, vitamin D, as well as the end of the cold. We are enjoying the wonderful effects of spring but the pests are also enjoying them. Spring pest control is therefore very important.

The spring pests are flying (or jumping) for joy as the season approaches. Many pests such as termites, ants, termites and spiders will begin to emerge from hibernation as the temperatures rise. This is the best time to ensure your home is pest-free during the warmer months.

It’s crucial to prepare your home for spring and fight pests after winter. Below, you will find information about the most common spring pests and some pest control Myrtle Beach tips to avoid them.



Carpenter ants seek shelter and food when the sun shines. Carpenter ants can cause structural damage to your house because they build colonies in walls. Carpenter ants can travel long distances to search for food. You may hear rustling in the walls or woodwork if you have an infestation. Wood shavings may be found underneath wooden items.


  • Piping
  • Foundation
  • Cracks in your house
  • Attic Vents
  • Telephone Lines
  • Electric Wires

You can hire a pest control specialist to get rid of your ant problem. We will identify the problem and take steps to eliminate any ants that are causing damage to your house. We can also help you prevent future infestations, so that you don’t have to worry.


Itchy and irritating mosquito bites can make your skin very red. It is not only the itching that you should be concerned about. Mosquito-borne diseases can make your family and pets very sick. Spring is the best time to combat mosquitoes and take back your yard. Mozzies can persist into October depending on the season. Professional mosquito treatments can be tailored to your business or home. Check out our blog for more information on how to kill mosquitos.


  • Eliminate all standing water sources
  • Keep lawn mowed and trim shrubs
  • Clear away yard debris


Termites, wood-eating insects, are well-known for their gluttonous appetites. Termites usually swarm at the beginning of spring or after a rainfall. However, not all termites will swarm simultaneously. In short, termites can do a lot of damage and cause severe damage. These pests often find a home in your family’s beloved house or business and become a meal.


  • Termite mounds
  • Wood with hollow-sounding properties
  • A few pieces of debris
  • Ceilings or floors that are too low
  • Exterior walls with mud tubes
  • Any type of structure can be ruined by the splintering wood
  • Wood surfaces with cracked or distorted paint
  • “Swarmers” are groups of winged insects (or discarded wings).


Although rats can be active all year, spring breeding occurs in April-June and October-November. Rats can pose a problem for homeowners as well as business owners. Rats can be a nuisance and a problem for homeowners and business owners. They can transmit and harbor a variety of diseases.

Rat Control Tips

  • You should inspect the exterior of your home for any holes or cracks the size of a quarter.
  • To eliminate gaps, install metal weather stripping underneath doors.
  • Always cover garbage cans.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. if you need professional help in getting rid of pests from your home.

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Get The Protection You Need With Professional Pest Control Service

Ants, fleas, and spiders are only a few of the unwelcome visitors that homeowners get at their houses. You will find bugs everywhere. They are an integral part of nature but they are not supposed to be part of your house. If pests, as well as insects, move into your house they could put your family at risk. A pest control service provider could help you eliminate these problems right away.

Request For An Inspection From A Pest Control Company

Maybe you just recently purchased a home, or you have never had your house inspected for termites. Then today is the time to do so. Each year, termites could cause millions of dollars worth of damage to houses in the southeast however, too often, residents do not realize they have an issue until the termites have become well established. It is always a great time to request a termite inspection from a pest control Myrtle Beach company. Always remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Pest Control Services Can Protect Your Home’s Interior

If you live in a country or city, your house provides an open invitation to different pests and insects. You might be able to disregard the bugs found outside your home in the landscaping mulch, in trees, as well as shrubs that grow near the house, and in or close to standing ponds as well as puddles of water – however, in this case, ignorance isn’t a bliss. Unfortunately, your home’s interior is just a few slithers or hops away, providing a pleasant temperature and a lot to drink and eat. A pest control Myrtle Beach company could deal with these outdoor pests, therefore, protecting the inside of your home.

Pests Could Already Be Inside Your Home

It could also be possible that these pests are already inside your house. If that is the case, it is time to call a pest control firm like Zap Pest Control. Infestations aren’t just disgusting, annoying, and embarrassing. They could also transmit disease to your loved ones and pose a serious threat to your home. Several insects including bed bugsrodents, ants, cockroaches, and flies can carry diseases like salmonella, E.coli, as well as other harmful bacteria. During winter, rodents will try to get out of the cold and if they go to your house, they can damage your house by chewing on its plaster, wood, and wiring. You will surely need professional help from pest control experts to control these unwanted pests.

Anything that can cause a danger to your health and to your property is considered as a pest. Call a pest control expert so you don’t have to deal with unwanted pests any longer than required. Keep your quality of life and have the protection you need by getting in touch with a qualified pest control service provider now.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need professional help in getting rid of pests from your home.

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