Rodent Control Tips

rodent-control-300x200.jpgRodent control is a daunting task but you don’t want to waste any time especially if you are facing the threat of rodents or other pests in your house. Use the tips provided below and you will be on your way to a healthier and safer home.

Basic Rodent Control Tips

Set Traps

If you would like to try rodent control Myrtle Beach before calling in a pro, traps could be the best yet simplest way to solve this problem. Trapping could be performed using different methods, however, the basic old snap trap continues to be one of the most common and extremely effective rat traps available on the market today. It is used commonly in the professional community. Another option is the catch and release rat traps, which are known to be the most humane product you could purchase.

Know The Red Flags

Rodent damage occurs slowly and quietly over time, however, it could wreak havoc as a fire or flood. To stop the disaster, you have to be watchful for signs of rodents in your house. Rats and mice are nocturnal, any nighttime scratching, gnawing, and noises must not be ignored. The attic is the favorite nesting spot of rodents. Monitor the thermostat. If there are rodents in the attic, you will notice fluctuations in your heating and cooling unit and lower your energy efficiency. Check your pets. They can also be a good indicator that something is wrong. If they feel that their territory has been invaded, they could act defensive or restless.

Safety First

Mice and rats are carriers of dangerous diseases and parasites that could be severely damaging to people. These health problems are presented through rodent feces and food contamination. A serious pulmonary disease, hantavirus, is one that you should be watchful for if you have rats in your attic. You should worry about salmonella if rodents are in your kitchen because they can contaminate your food through their urine or feces. In case you are suffering from allergies, it could be due to the urine and feces that rats and mice leave behind.

Get Rid Of All Entry Points

A lot of people focus only on the rodents inside their house. However, to truly get rid of rodent infestation, all possible entry points in your house should be sealed off. You have to seal off all of the entry points using materials that are rat proof so you can prevent them from returning.

Go Green

Rodenticides are pest controls for rodents. However, the can poison not just rodents but other pets as well. They may suffer from accidental deaths. You have to protect your family and pets from the effects of these harmful chemicals. There are green methods that you can use to get rid of rodents. There is the ultrasonic rat deterrent, which gives off high frequency sound waves that make sounds that rats do not like.

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Should You Stay At Home After A Pest Control Treatment?

residential-pest-control-300x200.jpgThe active ingredients found in pesticides kill insects by attacking the nervous system. Even though such poisons come in very low dosage made to harm only pests, they could still be very dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. Just like most things in life, there are a few people who could have negative reactions to the chemicals used. If you wish to avoid being exposed to such hazards, you have to know that the effects of these pesticides on those who have pre-existing medical problems, pregnant women, children, and healthy adults. In case you are thinking of having residential pest control treatments, be sure to ask the professional about the safety precautions.

Pest Control Treatments: What To Do After

Asthmatic And Other Respiratory Problems

In case you are among the millions of people who are suffering from asthma, you have to take some precautionary measures to make sure that your lungs stay healthy after a pest control treatment in your house. These chemicals could irritate your lungs and cause airway contraction. You have to wait at least three hours before you return to your house to let the pesticide to dry and to limit your exposure.

You must have a healthy family member or friend go to the house and open the doors and windows to air out the house. Give it at least an hour so that you don’t expose yourself to negative side effects from the chemicals. In case you have a severe respiratory disease then you should talk to the residential pest control Myrtle Beach specialist for more precautionary measures to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women, especially those who are in their first trimester of their pregnancy, are at a greater risk of suffering from negative side effects from these pest control chemicals. During this phase of the pregnancy, an embryo is developing the nervous system that controls the fetus’ bodily functions.

It is crucial for mothers to protect their baby during this developmental stage and keep them far away from pesticides that target the nervous system. Pets and kids have high exposure rate when compared to adults since they’re closer to places that get sprayed. You must check with your pest control professional in case you have kids and are thinking of using pesticide in your house.

Threat To Adult’s Health

Pesticides can put the health of adults at risk. Even though the risks are minimal, you still need to take the right precautions so you’re not exposed to hazardous chemicals. Your pest control will provide you with instructions on how long you have to stay out of your house, and how long it will take to air out your home. You have to know where the pest control experts have placed the poison pellets and when you need to throw them away.

They will provide you with the instructions on how long you need to wait before you clean out the areas that were affected by the poison. Pest control treatments tend to leave a residual layer that can last up to three months and the cleaning products could decrease the effectiveness of the pesticides. The most important thing you need to do is to stay safe. You should also know what is being sprayed inside your house and how you can limit your exposure.

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Pest Control Tips When Buying A Home

pest-control-3-300x200.jpgThere are only a few things that can exceed the excitement you feel when you buy a home. To make sure that the whole process goes as smooth as possible, you need to do certain things. Apart from the cosmetic updates that you would like to add to your new home, you also need to take into account any issues that may not be instantly noticeable. One good example is a termite infestation and that’s why home inspection by a pest control expert is crucial.

Why Pest Inspection Is Crucial?

Termites, which are commonly called silent destroyers because they are capable of voraciously chewing through flooring, wood, and even wallpaper without being noticed, lead to over $5 billion worth of property damage every year. Generally speaking, this is not included in the homeowner’s insurance. Before adding your signature on the dotted line, potential buyers must ask for a termite inspection, also called as a wood destroying organism inspection, by a pest control specialist to avoid dealing with expensive repairs once the deal is done.

Although a regular home inspection evaluates the home’s physical structure from the roof down to the foundation, a termite new home inspection concentrates on finding indications of termite damage, and conditions that attract pests like moisture, crevices, and cracks. When finished, the pest control expert will provide a new home pest control report and offer a recommended course of action. When checking out a new house, pest control Myrtle Beach professionals suggest that you watch out for certain red flags that may indicate that a termite infestation is right in front of you.

  1. Mud tubes on the home’s exterior
  2. Home’s soft wood that will sound hollow when it is tapped
  3. Blistering or darkening of wood structures
  4. Tiny piles of feces that look like sawdust near the nest of a termite
  5. Discarded wings near windowsills and doors meaning swarmers have entered the house.

Although these are the common indications of an active termite inspection, it is crucial for potential homebuyers know the many different situations that could be luring termites to the house. When you are checking out a property, here are a few other things that you need to watch out for. You’ll also learn how to diminish their effects in case you decide to move forward with the purchase.


Several homeowners tend to keep firewood piled up near the house for easy access. But, this could draw in termites toward your house and offer a point of entry. Keep woodpiles and firewood on raised platform at least five inches from the floor or ground and at least 20 feet away from your home.


Termites will attract moisture and gutters that are clogged would cause water to pool. It will make the insulation at vulnerable to termite damage. Make sure that rainwater is diverted away from the foundation using downspout extenders. Don’t forget to install splash blocks so that water won’t pool and your home won’t attract termites.


Although it may appear easier to just leave a tree stump untouched in your backyard, rotting wood are beneficial for termites and they may even cause these pests to enter your home. Hire a professional service to get rid of any wood excess or tree stump from your property.


It is commonly used against the home’s foundation and it could serve as a food source and moisture, which termite love the most. Reduce the use of wood mulch and make sure that it is kept at least 15 inches from the foundation of your home. Check existing mulch for indications of termite activity, especially underneath the surface.


Leaves and tree limbs that are in the roof or on the exterior of your home could offer a pathway for termites to get inside your house. Cut branches and shrubbery to make sure that nothing will touch the house.

Because of the destructive nature of termites, potential buyers must take the needed steps to find and prevent a pest infestation. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling or buying, you should always get a new home pest control inspection. Hire a licensed pest control professional to evaluate and treat a termite inspection before it grows into a costly and irreversible problem.

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Guide To Bed Bug Elimination

pest-control-2-300x200.jpgBed bugs have been in the news more often over the past few years as a growing number of homes and commercial establishments like hotel rooms are getting infested. Unlike other pests, bed bugs don’t cause destruction or spread disease. But they bite and can trigger skin problems. Apart from that, no one in their right mind would like to sleep in a bed that is filled with bed bugs. So how do you know your house is infested and when do you need to call a pest control specialist?

Check Your Home For Bedbugs

Bedbugs are so tiny that you may not even know they’re there unless you intentionally look for them. Check your matters, sheets, curtains, and furniture upholstery. Search for live bedbugs or the skin that they may have shed. They’re small but not that small that you can’t see them because by average, they’re about ¼ inch long. You should also inspect for feces, which look a lot like coffee grounds. In case you see bedbugs, their feces or skin, call a pest control expert right away.

Check Your Body

As mentioned earlier, bedbugs bite whenever they come in contact with human skin. If you find itchy or red skin then there’s a good chance that you’ve got bitten at night. Always remember that not everyone reacts negatively to Myrtle Beach bed bugs. You may have been bitten before and you may not even know it. But some people could be extremely sensitive to bedbug bites. So, be sure to pay close attention to your skin and those of your loved ones.

Check If There Are Live And Hatched Bedbug Eggs

Last but not the least, check your house for signs of eggs. This type of pest lay eggs and leave fecal matter in and around your house. Inspect your furniture and mattress, in cracks, joints in the wood, screw holes, and behind the headboard. Additionally, inspect behind wallpapers, chipped paint, and in or around your baseboards or closet.

In case you suspect or find that you have bed bugs, the treatment to eliminate them is quite simple. Bedbugs don’t like heat. Wash your bedding in soap and hot water. Once done, dry them thoroughly. You should also consult a pest control Myrtle Beach professional.

Preparing The Infected Area

Before the treatment starts, there are some things you need to do to prepare the infected area. First of all, you need to clean up! Take out all the clutter including magazines and newspapers. You should move all furniture away from the wall so the pest control specialist could easily access the draperies, baseboards, and more.

Remove all the linen and take them to a commercial laundromat for washing and drying. Any clothing found in the infected area must be laundered especially if they’ve been in close contact near the bed, stored in a chest, box, or drawer, or if it has come in contact with the floor.

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A Guide To Common Pest Control Chemicals

pest-control-1-300x200.jpgInsecticides have at least one chemical that acts as the active ingredient, which refers to the element that gives the solution its killing or repellent power. You will almost always find the active ingredient on the pest control product label.

Mode of Action

Each pest control Myrtle Beach chemical possesses a different mode of action, which is how the insecticide solution kills or repels the target pest. Take Deltamethrin for instance, kills by working as a potent poison to the central nervous system of the insect. Hydramethylnon is a good example of pesticides that are commonly called “metabolic inhibitors.”

Determining A Chemical’s Toxicity

The majority of chemicals that are used in pest control are hazardous to humans. But, all chemicals on the legal market should first secure an approval from a government agency that’s called Environmental Protection Agency before they are sold to the public. Extensive studies are performed to make sure that an insecticide chemical is not just effective against terminating pest but also safe for the public to use provided that the directions provided on the label are followed. What you need to look for on a label is If the chemical is safe for residential use and in places where there are kids and animals.

Common Pest Control Chemicals

Abamectin – offers better overall colony control and is known for its delayed action process. This chemical is found in various popular pesticides and works by attacking the central nervous system of the pest, which leaves them paralyzed and then cause their death. But since it is a delayed action insecticide, pests don’t die right away.

Fipronil – a fairly new active ingredient that’s effective at getting rid of ants, termites, cockroaches, to name a few. It’s kill rate is as high as 95% in just three to five days. It is a slow acting poison that gives the poisoned pest enough time to return to its colony and spread the poison to other pests. Because of this, fipronil works well in eliminating the pest’s colony.

The other common pest control chemicals are Cyfluthrin, Bifenthrin, Pyrethrum, Boric Acid, and Deltamethrin.

Hire A Pest Control Expert

There are instances when hiring a pest control specialist is far better than eliminating the pest problem yourself. This holds true when the pest problem is still ongoing, or if the problem has become complicated or when the products required for the pest control Myrtle Beach can only be used by certified professionals. There are a few things you need to consider when looking for a pest control expert.

You need to vet the pest control specialist before allowing them to enter your house. Check their identification, certification, and license. Make sure that they are all current.

You also need to find out if the company is insured or bonded. This is crucial for you and your property. Check the company’s website and determine if it looks professional or if it is knowledgeable.

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What’s The Difference Between Exterminators and Pest Control Specialist?

pest-control-300x200.jpgWhat is a pest control specialist? What is an exterminator? What are the differences between these two professionals? In the past, you may have heard your parents call someone and say “I need these cockroaches exterminated right away. The answer was a treatment that used chemicals, which means you had to be out of your house for several hours. During this time, chemicals are being pumped into the walls of your home. In some cases, these treatments work. But most of the time, they didn’t. even when the treatments worked, they are often times just a Band-aid solution.

When dealing with unwanted pests, many homeowners want to see the thrill of the kills. They would like to find the affected room treated aggressively using chemical products and see countless dead cockroaches with their belly up on the floor. Homeowners may imagine an exterminator donning a backpack that’s filled with chemicals and using the hose to spray the chemicals all throughout a house and then see the bugs fall from the ceiling.

What is an exterminator?

The word exterminate means to completely destroy. It is also linked to words like put to death, kill, or even erase their existence. Although the word suggest getting rid of the pest population, this only happens rarely, which is a good thing for all of us since pests take on an important role in the environment as well as the ecology of the plant. Still you wouldn’t want to see critters or bugs in your house or belongings. So, this is perfect time to call a pest control professional. Pest problems should be managed in a certain way that will keep them out of the house while protecting mother nature.

Exterminator Vs. Pest Control Professionals

Myrtle Beach Pest control specialist and exterminators have several differences, even though their main goal is to get rid of pests. Exterminators depend on pesticides to get rid of unwanted pests, using solutions that could be much more dangerous and toxic than needed. A pest control specialist will concentrate on why the pests exist and find ways to change the conditions that lured them in the first place.

When chemicals are needed, the pest control specialist will use products that are eco friendly to eliminate the pests. Pest control firms commonly use products that are as effective on the bugs but are less toxic, have less odor, and can be applied in a more targeted method. A few treatments even totally get rid of the use of pesticides.

The primary difference is that pest control experts search for long term solutions instead of just spraying chemicals to kill the pests they see. Apart from using less chemical solution, pest control firms are more educated when it comes to the most effective ways of getting rid of different types of pests. For example, Zap Pest Control Inc. know the right and most appropriate methods of getting rid of termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and more. It is not a one size fits all kind of treatment. The treatment solutions used will depend on various factors like the type of pest, severity of the infestation, location, and more.

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How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

pest-control-5-300x200.jpgWhen an exterminator makes regular visits to your home, these pest control professionals do a lot of things. They check traps, inspect signs of pest activity, set up preventative measures to lower the pest population. Even if pests are not visible to the eyes, pest control experts have the opportunity to check the home or building’s infrastructure during whenever they make their regular visits. They will also search for threats posed by new threats. Apart from that, regular visits could help reduce the cost of pest management.

Pest Control experts like Zap Pest Control Inc. suggest pest control treatments to be carried out on a quarterly basis for apartments and homes. Monthly treatments are required for serious infestations and this should last between 3 to 6 months. However, there are other factors that could affect the recommended frequency. These include the building size, location, time of year, weather conditions, and type of pest.

How Long Does A Pest Control Treatment Last?

Treatments for moths, spiders, silverfish, roaches, and pillbugs can last for a few months. However, they need to be done on a quarterly basis.

A serious ant infestation may require monthly visits for 3 to 6 months based on the scope of the treatment. Meanwhile, bed bugs need a more specialized type of treatment, which lasts indefinitely. However, that would still depend on if the source of the infestation has been discovered correctly.

Generally speaking, the pest control Myrtle Beach treatment for a home or business will depend on the business or home size, type of pest, and the weather.

Treating Cockroach Infestation

Getting rid of cockroaches could require a long term treatment. The first treatment should be followed with multiple follow up visits so that insecticides could be reapplied. Several visits are required to make sure that the pests and eggs are exterminated for good. The length of time required to get rid of any infestation would depend on the infestation’s severity.

A few weeks following the treatment, it is normal to notice a few roaches left. But the poison and spray left by the exterminator will continue to work following the initial spraying, so you can expect them to continue working after the initial treatment.

How About Fumigation?

Fumigation can last between three to seven days. For this duration, the homeowners must find a place where they could stay since they can’t be at home during the fumigation process.

Apartment Pest Control Treatment

After an apartment is treated, a residential pest control professional will create a treatment schedule to prevent pests from returning. Exterminators may visit the apartment owner every two to three months. Monthly visits are needed for more serious pest infestation.

Pest Control Treatments For New Homes

You might be wondering if new homes need pest control treatments. The answer is yes.

Newly built houses have gaps and cracks that may allow pests to come in. The house is open during the construction process and that means pests have easy access to your house. Building materials used to build your house are stored in open and sometimes damp places. There are also instances when the building materials are already infested.

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