What is the difference between a residential and commercial exterminator ?

Some companies provide residential Myrtle Beach pest control services, while others offer commercial pest management. Others offer both residential and business services (such as Assured Environments). Both services have the same goal: keep pests away. There are some key differences between commercial and residential pest control services. We will show you what makes these pest control services different.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control: What is the difference between residential and commercial pest control services?

There are many differences between the two types of pest management. According to Assured experts, these are the four most important differences that separate them.

1. Pest control services for commercial use move quicker than those for residential.

Temporarily moving a family is much easier than shutting down an entire company for several days. Commercial exterminator companies have faster turnaround times that cause minimal disruption. Although this comes at a higher price, most businesses are able to save money by not having their doors closed for as long.

2. Commercial pest control services are less consistent than residential.

Many homes look very similar. This means that their pest problems are often similar. Most pest problems in residential homes can be solved with the same two approaches each time.

This means that residential pest control companies don’t usually have the same level of knowledge as commercial pest control firms. Commercial buildings can have more variation depending on what business they are involved in (food service, retail, healthcare, etc.). Commercial pest control companies are able to tailor their treatment plans to accommodate these variations.

3. Preventative pest control is often more popular with commercial pest control companies.

Commercial pest control companies are more familiar with working in custom environments and have therefore more experience offering long-term preventative measures. Sometimes, a business’s building is more vulnerable to pests due to its location or proximity to other residents.

Commercial pest control companies take into consideration these uncontrollable elements. They may offer long-term preventative solutions such as preventative traps around and in the building.

4. Fundamentally, residential and commercial environments are very different

Home are generally smaller than businesses and attract different types of pests. Because residential homes are more likely to have termites, bed bugs and ants inside, they also tend to be more fabric-heavy.

Bed bugs are less common in businesses, but they’re more likely for them to be attracted to pests like rats or cockroaches. This is because commercial buildings are more often located near environments that would support these types of creatures (for example, an abandoned property).

How can I find the right pest control company for me?

Zap Pest Control Inc. is a company that specializes on the pests that are bothering you. Because our team of experts is well-versed in residential and commercial pest management, we can confidently say so!

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How do you remove rodents from your attic?

Rodents, squirrels, and raccoons can spread disease through their chewing and eating of your wiring. This could create a fire hazard. The best way to keep them out of your attic? Make sure you take steps to eliminate the breeding grounds for these animals. Here are some Myrtle Beach pest control tips on how you can safely and humanely eliminate wildlife from your attic.

Signs that animals are living in your attic:

  • Droppings and urine
  • Nests made from paper, leaves, and twigs (squirrels rodents birds)
  • You may have to replace insulation damaged by pests (squirrels or raccoons).
  • Raccoons have ripped apart ducts

What does your attic sound like to animals? One or more of the following pest sounds may be heard upstairs:

  • Rats may gnaw or squeak at night
  • Squirrels and rodents make scurrying or scampering sounds
  • Whimpers, growls or snarls (raccoons),
  • How to safely get rid of animals in your attic
  • Don’t panic. Don’t panic if the possum or raccoon accidentally entered your home.

Keep your distance. To avoid bites, keep children and pets away. Rabies can be carried by skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. It’s important that you avoid any contact with them. These animals can be dangerous and will bite or scratch if threatened or trapped.

Allow the animals to go on their own. Turn on the lights and open doors and windows. Do not block their exit.

If you are certain that all animals have been removed, block their re-entry. Repair the damage done by the animal to prevent other animals from getting into your attic. You should inspect your attic for holes, rotting wood and other weak points that could allow in animals.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control Tips to Remove Animals Often Found in Your Attic Rats and mice

pest-control-300x200.jpgRoof rats, also known as black rats, often make nests in attics. They are water-starved and will nest in attics because they have no other choice but to drink. You can get rid of mice and rats using either bait traps or wooden snap traps. A comprehensive approach to rodent control is required that includes rodenticides, rodent proofing and trapping. Terminix pest management professionals can provide the best rodent control solution.


Signs of squirrels include scampering sounds and missing insulation near the roof eaves. The entry points are usually the roof vents, eaves gaps and soffit. Steel mesh can be used to seal the entry points, but the main entrance/exit hole should remain open. To stop squirrels from returning, install a one-way squirrel exclusion doors at the opening. Within a few days, the squirrels should be gone. You’ll know that the squirrels have left your attic when you don’t hear any scurrying sounds. The exclusion door should be removed and the main entrance hole sealed with steel mesh. The attic is not a good place to put traps. Although you could place traps on the roof at the entry point, they may not be able to catch all of them.


Raccoons can get into your attic through shingles that are missing or open, roof openings and eaves. Raccoons can chew through buildings and rip off shingles. You can make your attic a hostile environment for raccoons by turning on bright lights and a stereo.

You can check to determine if raccoons have used a suspected entry hole. A one-way door is an exclusion device that acts as a tunnel or doorway for rodents and raccoons to pass through. To get out, raccoons must use the one-way entrance to exit. They cannot return to that same door to enter again. If babies are present, don’t use the one-way door. Make sure that all raccoons have left before sealing the entryway, especially between March-July, when babies may be present. Call an exterminator Conway SC for professional help.


Possums can climb high and live in attics. Possums are sneezing creatures, and their droppings can cause a lot of damage to your attic. Trapping and removal are the only ways to get rid of possums in your attic. Terminix can provide information about your options and help you understand the legalities of trapping and moving possums.


Broken vents, damaged eaves or windows in your attic can allow pigeons to enter. Open any windows in your attic and get rid of the bird. You may need to wait for the bird’s departure if you don’t have a window. Repair the area where the pigeon entered in the first instance. You can also get rodent control services.

Contact Zap Pest Control Inc. It’s not easy to trap and remove wildlife from your attic. Pest control specialists know how to safely remove animals from your attic.

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Pest Control Is A Crucial Part Of Home Maintenance

Pest infestation can become quite a problem if left
undetected. Just like changing your car’s oil every now and then, pest
must be part of the maintenance process. However, keeping pests
away from your home is no easy task. Controlling termites, for instance, isn’t
something you can easily accomplish without the right equipment, chemicals, and


Reasons why
you should consider professional pest control


Most people take the security of their homes rather
seriously. We buy and install security cameras around our home to deter any
intruders and capture everything in clear footage. We also buy smoke detectors
and fire extinguishers to prevent fires from escalating. Unfortunately, preventing
the proliferation of pests inside the household doesn’t always get as much
attention. It’s important for every homeowner to understand the value of proper
Myrtle Beach pest control.
Through the control and prevention of pests, your home can truly be safe.  


important to be proactive


Pests can reproduce rather quickly. Cockroaches,
termites, and mice can quickly multiply in a short amount of time. While all of
these pests can be controlled, it is still best to prevent the problem than
having to fix one at hand. On average, a pair of mice can reproduce up to eight
times a year. With that much breeding going on, your home can quickly be
overwhelmed with pests. The sheer number of pests can also cause a lot of
damage. Mice are notorious for chewing on anything from paper to electrical
wires. Being proactive in protecting your home makes a huge difference in the
long run.


Don’t be too
confident that pests won’t get into your home


If you haven’t spotted any pests in your home, don’t
think that the chances of a pest invasion is close to nil. Don’t be fooled into
thinking that pests won’t take a liking to your home. In fact, pests can
quickly turn your humble home into their colony. Termites, for instance, can
rapidly expand their colonies, turning everything in their path into their
home. That’s why termite control
measures are taken before a home is built on a patch of land. If no precautions
are taken, termites could invade later on.


What can I
do to protect my home against pests?


It can be scary to think that your home can easily
be overrun by pests. However, there are easy ways to fight back. Making sure
your home is clean is one good way to start. You can also make sure that there
are not small entryways for mice and other rodents to come in. It is also
advised to hire an expert like Zap
Pest Control Inc.
to inspect and perform necessary measures in order to
control existing pests and prevent them from coming back.


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Tips To Keep The Pests Out and Bring The Warmth In During Winter

pest-control-4-300x200.jpgThe absence of insects like bees, flies, and mosquitoes are among the changes homeowners notice during the winter season. People often associate them with summer and fall and they consider them as nuisance especially when engaging in outdoor activities. Thanks to the colder weather, homeowners find relief from their bites and stings. However, not seeing these pests flying overhead doesn’t mean other pests are gone, too. You still need to have some sort of pest control measures in place during this season.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Bees and mosquitoes fly overhead during summer but during winter, spiders, cockroaches, and rodents may infest your home. These pests are looking for shelter from the colder weather and they may find the warmth they need inside your home. You need to take preventive measures to keep these pests at bay since they could cause more problems than just making cobwebs in the corners of your home.

For instance, rodents are known carriers of diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella. Some spiders bite and cause serious side effects while cockroaches could trigger allergies and asthma.

The National Pest Management Association has provided several pest control tips that homeowners can use to prevent winter pests from invading your home.

  • Seal the holes and cracks outside your house to prevent rodents from gaining access to your home. Always check the spots where pipes and utilities enter your house. A rodent can fit through an opening that is as small as a dime.
  • Any loose mortar as well as weather stripping around the basement foundation as well as windows must be changed.
  • Don’t store firewood close to your home. It must be at least 20 feet from your house. Ants and mice will make their nests in wood piles and gain entry to your house quickly in case the pile is too close to your home.
  • Rodents could easily hide in mess and clutter so be sure to organize all of your stored items and if possible, the boxes must not be left on the floor.
  • Get rid of all sites prone to moisture like clogged drains and leaking pipes. Additional attention must be paid to the bathrooms and kitchens because these spots are quite vulnerable to cockroach
  • Set up the door sweeps and make sure to fix any damaged window screens.
  • Screen vents to the chimneys. Keep basements, attics as well as crawl spaces dry and well ventilated.

Winter already brings a lot of worries related to home damage with frost, snow, and wind. Stick to these Myrtle Beach pest control tips and you will get to lower your chances of your house encountering other season issues due to pests. If winter pests are kept at bay, your house will become a better and healthier place to hose amazing holiday parties and spend time with your loving family and friends, and that’s what the season must be all about.

In case you suspect that your home is pest infested, call a pest control company now.

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Pest Control Treatment: How Often Should You Do It?

pest-control-300x200.jpgWhen it comes to pest control, it is better to prevent the problem in the first place instead of having to find the most effective ways to get rid of an existing pest problem.

In case you’ve previously had a flea or rodent infestation, then you know exactly why prevention is important. Did you know that some changes to your lifestyle can go a long way?

Read on and find out how often you should hire a pest control specialist to help protect your house from all those creepy crawlers and what you can do on your own.

Identify The Pests That Want To Invade Your Home

This step is quite simple and in most cases, it depends on where you live. Have you spotted a cockroach in your house or perhaps a rodent? Think about the vermin and the bugs you’ve seen in your home. In case they’re also wreaking havoc in other houses within your community then they will most likely find their way into your home.

If you have pets at home then you can expect to have problems with ticks and fleas.

If you live in warmer areas then you will have more problems with pests than those who live in colder places. This also applies to those who live in places near a water source such as a lake or river.

How Often Should You Hire Pest Control Specialists?

Myrtle Beach pest control specialists recommend to have your house and lawn treated every other month to make sure pests are prevented from invading your home. The reason behind this is that the average treatment to prevent pests last only for two months.

This will provide your specialist enough time to see if their pesticides are effective and if they have to make any adjustments. In case you currently facing a real estate dispute, the number of visits would depend on how infested the place is, what kind of pest is involved, and how big the property is.

In case you reside in a place that often have brutal winters, then you can less this once the weather becomes colder.

However, some pests such as mice tend to be more inclined to search for shelter in your house

What Can You Do?

Preventing pest could both be easy or hard. It will depend on what you would like to do.

The pests inside your house stay there for three reasons, water, shelter and food. A lot of them are searching for the best breeding ground because bugs only have two objectives in their lives. They would like to survive and they have to do it for a long time so they could reproduce.

You need to keep a clean house and eliminate these sources if you want to prevent pest from invading your home. Be sure to keep your food in glass or metal bins that have lids. Take in out as often as you can. You also need to clean your dishes on a regular basis and make sure that the area where you prepare your food is clean.

Call Zap Pest Control if you are looking for an experienced pest control specialist to get rid of the pests in your home.

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Pest Control Tips To Prevent Cockroach Infestation

Cockroache-pest-control-300x200.jpgAccording to pest control experts, cockroaches are widespread all throughout South Carolina. And they are often called different names including American cockroach, Palmetto bugs and water bugs. They are often seen in many residential homes. In fact, they are considered as among the most common household pests that homeowners are battling with on a daily basis. Aside from being a daily annoyance, these pests are known to spread filth, contaminating your food and causing various diseases.

Regardless of what they are called and how they infest a home,

How to get rid of cockroaches

There are many different ways to keep cockroaches away from your home. Primarily, however, you need to keep your home clean, especially your kitchen and bathrooms. It is important that there are no scraps of food on the flooring or leftovers on the countertops and tables at any time during the day or night. Keep in mind that this is what primarily attracts cockroaches to your home.

In addition to these, here are other pest control tips to help you prevent cockroach infestation.

• Make sure the trash cans that you use both indoors and outdoors have tight fitting lids. Aside from leftover food in the kitchen, cockroaches are also attracted to food wastes in your trash can. Thus, it helps to keep them away if you use trash cans with lids. You should also inform everyone in the household to always keep your trash cans covered at all times.

• Place leftover food and opened bags of chips in airtight containers. In addition to keeping your food fresh, storing them in airtight containers seals their scent inside the containers, effectively hiding them from cockroaches looking for food. If the cockroach will not be able to smell food in your kitchen and pantry, they will not think to stay there for a long time. Make sure that when you open bags of spices or cans of sauces, you store what is left of them in airtight containers and jars.

• Keep the flooring, counters and shelves clean at all times. There should be no crumbs or spills of food anywhere in the kitchen or pantry, particularly in the shelves, countertops, cabinets, drawers and flooring. Keep in mind that cockroaches love to lurk in these areas. Thus, when a spill happens, you need to clean it at once. Make sure there are no traces of the spill that can attract cockroaches.

• Have your local plumber service your faucets and drains regularly. These should always be in tip top shape and are able to function effectively. Otherwise, you risk having clogged drains which will cause water to stand in your sink for long periods of time. Nothing calls the attention of cockroaches more than standing water in sinks, especially if the water came from washing your plates and pots; thus, possibly having the presence and scent of food scraps.

• Avoid cluttering kitchen cabinets and drawers. Aside from food spills and crumbs, cockroaches also have cluttered and messy areas because this provides great and safe hiding places for them. To ensure they have nowhere to hide, keep your kitchen cabinets and drawers organized and tidy.

The very best way to keep cockroaches out of your home is regular pest control service. Schedule regular pest control service with Zap Pest Control and kiss the coachroaches goodbye.

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