Which bugs should you be concerned about during the summer?

pest-control-300x200.jpgAs the weather becomes warmer and you start getting excited about spending a lot more time on your backyard and porches, the insects that were hibernating throughout the winter season will also come out and play. That’s why pest control is also important during this time of the year.

What are the pests that are prevalent during summer and what are the best pest control tips that you can follow.

Pest Control Tips For Common Summer Bugs


The states in the south are moist and hot and the best breeding ground for different types of insects. Various kinds of ants are among the most common bugs you’ll see. Carpenter ants are often referred to as structural destroyers because they cause more than just annoyance when you’re having a picnic. Crazy ants and fire ants are the other two species that could take over your kitchen and your yard.

White vinegar can repel and kill ants. If you’re having an ant problem, one good pest control tip is to wipe the hard kitchen surfaces with a solution that’s made of 50 percent water and 50% vinegar. You can do this on your floors, kitchen tables, appliances, and countertops.


Mosquitoes are among the most annoying pests during summer. They are out in full force during this time of the year. They breed in standing water and one way to get rid of them is to get rid of the places where they use as a breeding ground.


If you have pests or children, ticks will also be a problem during summer. Ticks could be carriers of Lyme disease so you have to be careful. You should not let your kids go into areas with tall grass or weeds. They should also wear pants when hiking. Don’t forget to check for ticks after they spend time outdoors.


The activity of termites increase with humidity and moisture during summer. These pests can cause millions worth of property damage every year. They can be hard to identify so if you notice signs of infestation, you should call an exterminator Myrtle Beach right away.


Cockroaches are always linked to filth. They multiply rapidly especially during the warmer months. If you notice these pesky critters in your home, don’t hesitate to call a pest control expert right away. They can help you get rid of cockroaches and they also offer rodent control services.

June Bugs

June bugs are among the insects that could wreak havoc in this state. The june bug is also called a scarab bettle. They have a brown or bright green color. They start to hatch during April and could lead to significant damage to your yard or garden. You should watch out for dry or dead patches of grass in your lawn and hire the services of a pest control expert to help you get rid of them.

Hornets, Wasps, and Bees

Although bees are not a threat to the environment, hornets and wasps could put your family at risk. They usually make their nests on play equipment outdoors. Some natural repellants for these insects are eucalyptus, citronella, and thyme.


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What are the different methods of pest control?

residential-pest-control-300x200.jpgPests are one of the primary factors of high economic importance when it comes to agriculture. They are entities that disrupts or disturbs the normal growth of a plant and reduces the plant’s yield. Just like in the agricultural sectors and commercial industries, residential pest control is necessary.

There are various kinds of pest in agriculture and that’s why there are different kinds of pest control methods as well. Here you’ll learn about the different types of pests and how you can control them in your farm or at home.

Pests are grouped into micro pests and macro pests. Micro pests are ones that are small in size, which makes them hard to notice. Their activities or effects in a farm will make their presence felt like in the form of aphids, cutworm, or armyworm.

Meanwhile, the macro pests are those that are bigger in size. You can easily detect their presence even before you notice their activities at home or in your farm. Given the sizes of these pests, here are the pest control methods that you can use to minimize the damage they can cause.

What are the different types of Residential pest control methods?

There are four methods of pest control when it comes to agriculture, residential, and commercial pest control. These are classified according to the size of the pests.

Physical methods

It’s one of the natural ways of pest control, which doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. As its name suggests, it only uses physical detection of the presence of the pests and the use of various ways to get them out of the farm. This type of pest control is generally used for macro pests such as rodent control.

This type of pest control method involves the use of security men, hunting, traps, alarms, and other combative and scary methods to get rid of pests. Using any of these strategies will not cause harm to the crop as well as the consumer. It’s effective in controlling pests such as rodents, rabbit, and grasscutter. It’s cheaper and needs less labor.

Chemical methods

As the name suggests, this type of pest control methods uses chemicals, suffocants mostly, to eliminate pests. The chemicals are toxic and poisonous compounds. An exterminator Myrtle Beach usually mixed with water at the suggested rate before they are sprayed on the leaves or foliage of the plants on different days before the day of harvests.

Cultural methods

Cultural methods are also considered as natural methods of pest control. It involves the use of different techniques or methodologies that are aimed at giving unfavourable conditions to your pets. Land preparation such as seed treatment and weeding are among the common examples of cultural pest control methods.

Biological methods

This is the most technical type of pest control method. It involves the use of the pest’s natural enemy against them. It’s like using chicken to take control of the population of nematodes and grasshopers. It also uses a mix of pest control methods to eliminate pests in the farm and this is referred to as pest management.


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How often should you get a mosquito treatment?

mosquito-service-Myrtle-Beach-300x199.jpgMosquito service Myrtle Beach is essential during spring and summer since these pests are active during this time of the year. Although many consider mosquitoes as a nuisance with their itchy bits and incessant buzzing, they could also be risky to both pets and humans, transmitting diseases such as West Nile and Zika to humans and encephalitis and heartworms to pests.

April to December are the peak seasons for mosquitoes. So what residential pest control methods are there? Here are some of the answers to your questions.

Mosquito Service Myrtle Beach Tips

When is mosquito season?

Mosquitoes will start to lay eggs or have laid eggs previously will start to hatch when the temperature outside starts to reach 50 degrees at night. Peak mosquito season tend to run from April to October.

What is included in a mosquito treatment?

There are many benefits to residential and commercial pest control treatment. Green mosquito treatments use products that are made from bacteria and flowers and are added to areas that need them the most, lowering adult mosquito populations and mosquito larvae.

A regular pest control treatment may include the following:

  • property inspection to check possible mosquito breeding areas and resting places in and out of your house and backyard
  • a work guarantee to return in between scheduled visits if required at no additional charge
  • reducing the mosquito source by getting rid of areas where standing water exists such as bird baths, containers, and clogged gutters
  • larvicide mosquito treatments to get rid of possible breeding areas
  • adultcide mosquito treatments to get rid of adult mosquito resting spots such as shaded areas, small trees, weeds, ivy, and shrubs.

How long will a mosquito pest control treatment last?

There are many factors that affect how long will the mosquito treatment last including the environment, weather, application method, as well as the level of mosquito population in your home. A typical pest control treatment for mosquitoes will last around 30 days. After this period, the material starts to degrade, which means your mosquito protection will become less effective. It’s recommended that pest control treatments must be applied every month for the entire duration of the mosquito season.

How big will the treatment area be?

Generally speaking, if the property is less than one acre, the mosquito treatment would be applied to the whole yard. If your property is bigger than one acre, then the technicians would begin with a treatment that would cover one acre and would progress as required. The exterminator Myrtle Beach will apply the treatment to the perimeter of your yard in spots where there are woods, foliage, as well as shaded damp areas. These are the spots where mosquitoes love to stay during the day. It will make the most significant impact as you use the least amount of product.


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How often should you get your house sprayed for bugs?

residential-pest-control-myrtle-beach-300x200.jpgRegular visits from your residential pest control Myrtle Beach professional include checking for signs or changes in pest activity, inspecting traps, or setting in place preventative measures to reduce pest populations. Having regular visits, even when the pests are not visible, will let the experts have the opportunity to check the infrastructure of your facility, building, or home and search for any pest related threat. Apart from that, regular visits could also help cut down the cost of pest management.

For houses and apartments, regular pest control treatment are recommended on a quarter basis or bi-monthly basis, to prevent common pest problems effectively or when you transfer to a new apartment or home. For infestations that are much more serious, it is advisable to get monthly treatments for three to six months. But the size of your building, the location, time of the year, weather conditions, and the type of pest you’re dealing with could all affect how often you need to have a pest control treatment.

How Long Does A Pest Control Treatment Last

General pest control treatments for pill bugs, silverfish, cockroaches, moths, spiders, and etc., will last for a few months and must be performed on a quarterly basis.

A serious ant infestation will need monthly visits from an exterminator Myrtle Beach and this should be done between three to six months based on the treatment’s scope. Bed bugs need a more specialized kind of treatment. A bed bug treatment will last indefinitely but that would depend whether the source was properly identified.

Overall, how often a pest control treatment should be done for your house or workplace will depend on the size of the area, your location, the weather, as well as the type of pest that you’re dealing with.

How often should you spray for cockroaches?

Spraying for cockroaches could be a long-term task. The first treatment needs to be followed with several follow up visits so they could reapply the insecticides. Different visits are required to make sure that the pests and their eggs are eliminated. The time required to get rid of any infestation could depend on the infestation’s severity.

Do New Houses Require Residential Pest Control Myrtle Beach Services?

Yes. New houses need pest control because:

  • They may have gaps or cracks along the foundation that may allow pests to come in.
  • Your home is open during the building process, which gives them easy access to your house.
  • A lot of the building materials that were used in building your house have been stored in open areas and often damp conditions before they were used.
  • In some cases, insects are already in the building material.
  • Insects love high moisture levels of a new home.
  • New house are built in recently built areas where pests used to live.
  • Termites are attracted to leftover wood scraps
  • Fruit flies are attracted to food scraps
  • Pest love to feed on molds and mildew


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When Do You Need To Hire An Exterminator?

exterminator-300x200.jpgSo you have spiders in your basement and some tiny ants trailing in your kitchen. But when do you need to hire an exterminator? A lot of homeowners think they could get rid of their pest problems without professional help.

When the air conditioner is making weird noises or the plumbing pipes are leaking, you will most likely call a professional right away. On the other hand, many homeowners think they could get some over the counter solutions online or from hardware stores and use them to spray their pests away. The market for DIY pest control market is enormous, which specified aisles in supermarkets and whole sections within home improvement stores.

This, along with the knowledge that can be gleamed online, you may be able to deal with bugs by yourself. You may see some success getting rid of some types of pests on your own and there are a few that can be solved without the use of pesticides. But it’s still crucial to call a pest control specialist.

Why Call An Exterminator?

You should call an exterminator Myrtle Beach if you do not want to deal with the pest on your own or if the pest problem is way too overwhelming to treat by yourself. You should also call a specialist if the risk of infestation may lead to serious damages to your house and even to yourself and your family. It could be tiring to know which OTC DIY products you should use, how much you have to apply, and if it will even be that effective.

When to call an exterminator will depend on several factors including the type of pest you’re dealing with, the extent of the pest problem, the location of the pest problem, and the level of your tolerance.

Some pests such as rodents, termites, or carpenter ants could do extensive damage to your house. This type of extermination should be left to pest control specialists.

Main Reason To Hire An Exterminator

The primary reason why you should hire an exterminator or pest control professionals is the technical expertise they possess about professional grade products as well as equipment to locate and get rid of the source of pest issues, which will then leave your home free of pests for the long term.

That’s not to say that you will not kill bugs with chemicals that are bought in the store, but you would only be dealing with and attacking the symptom and not the exact source of the pest control problem. And you may even wind up spending more money trying to solve the pest problem on your own. And in most cases, the solutions you thought would work, didn’t. You’ll end up buying other products, which means spending more on treatments that are not effective at all.

So, if you are too afraid or grossed out, or just don’t want to waste time and money, consider hiring a pest control specialist. It is the best, surest, and safest option you’ll have.

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