What attracts mice to your home?

residential-rodent-control-300x200.jpgMice have the same basic needs as us: shelter, food, and comfort. If they have these things, mice will seek out any opportunity to feel at home in your business or home. They are not visible and do not require much food. However, they can cause serious damage to buildings and electrical wires and spread disease by chewing on food. Let’s look at four ways that you could be unknowingly inviting mice in, and how you can stop them from coming in. it will help with your residential rodent control efforts.

Residential Rodent Control Tips


Mice are attracted to warmth in autumn, when temperatures drop. They can sense warmth through walls and open doors, and they will invite you in.

Hot water heaters are a popular spot for nesting. They provide heat at a constant rate and are often hidden from view, which is better for burrowing.


Mice cannot resist the temptation of food. This includes leftovers or fresh cooked meals.

Even though they are technically Omnivores, mice prefer to eat grains, fruits, and seeds. They are not picky eaters, and can live on just one ounce of food and water per day.

Kitchen treats aren’t the only food that mice will eat. You can also find equally delicious snacks in electrical wiring, paper, or cardboard.

These foods are known to attract mice:

  • Sweet Fruits and Berries
  • Pet Food
  • Nuts
  • Nearly Any Kind Of Meat
  • Grains and seeds
  • Plants
  • Dinner leftovers

If you’re wondering what mice eat in your home, then the answer is almost anything! Consider if there is food nearby that they might like.


Mice love to nest and burrow so they will seek out clutter

As clutter accumulates, it becomes harder to clean up, encouraging rodents to dig deeper.

Garages, attics and small storage areas are common places in homes. Avoid storing firewood on the floor or against walls as they can attract rodents.

Commercial spaces and high-rises often attract mice due to their trash and compactors. These areas offer shelter and warmth, as well as tasty treats. Boxes can also create nesting opportunities, so storage areas can be a problem.

Offices can also be breeding grounds for mice. Boxes, stacks and drawers full of snacks are all common nesting places.

Your home could be a breeding ground for mice. To find out, call an exterminator right away.

Cracks and Openings

Do you remember that broken screen door or the cracked window in your office? They are inviting mice in. Make sure you seal any cracks in walls, repair foundations and plug any holes or vents that mice might use to gain access.

There are many things that can attract rodents, but there are also rodent control Myrtle Beach SC you can do. First, look out for signs that indicate an infestation. Knowing if there are rodents in your business or home is half of the battle. Learn how to keep mice away from storage boxes and other valuable items if your problem is in a storage unit.

Are you ready to win the war against rodents? Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need help in getting rid of rodents from your home.

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