Do you know how to control mosquitoes in your yard?

You may be too busy with controlling weeds and protecting your garden
from pests this summer to notice that mosquitoes are making your yard a
nursery. This means that you will have to deal with hundreds or even thousands
of mosquitoes this summer. It’s not as difficult as you might think and is
definitely worth the effort. Summer mosquito and 
pest control is
more effective than using citronella candles and sprays to get rid of them.


Pest Control Tips


Check Your Gutters


If you don’t clean your gutters as part of your spring cleaning, they
can become breeding areas for mosquitos. Standing water is a breeding ground
for mosquitoes and a clogged gutter can lead to standing water. A gutter can be
clogged with just a few leaves and debris. Make sure you get on top of your
roof to drain the water properly. It takes less than two weeks for a new
generation to mature, so it is important to act quickly.


Eliminate all standing water


Cleansing out your gutters is one part of a larger strategy for
eliminating mosquitos. This involves removing all standing water from your
yard. If you’re not careful, mosquitoes can find places to hide in standing
water. You just need to look around your yard for any items that could retain
water. Soon you’ll see that many things can hold enough water to allow
mosquitoes the opportunity to breed. These include buckets and flower pots as
well as tires, buckets, bird baths, wheelbarrows and toys. You can eliminate
potential breeding areas for mosquitoes by
removing standing water.


Make a Mosquito
 This is a fun and inexpensive family project that can be used to
control mosquitoes. You will need a 2-liter plastic bottle, tape, a cutting
instrument, yeast, sugar, water, and a cutter.


Use the cutting tool to remove the top of the two-liter. Place it
upside down in the bottom half. Secure the two halves with tape. This is how
mosquitoes will enter the trap.


Next, add one cup sugar, one teaspoon yeast, and one-half cup hot
water. The mixture should be poured through the trap until it fills the bottom
half the two-liter.


That’s all! You can now set them outside at your next cookout to see
how they will be attracted to the trap’s bait. They will be able enter the
trap, but they won’t be able escape. This is perfect for camping trips in the
woods. You can also hire mosquito services Myrtle Beach SC.


Maintain Your Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are able to kill mosquito eggs, and most swimming pools
have enough chlorine to do the same. However, your pool could become a breeding
ground for them. If you don’t use your pool, make sure it is covered and that
it is regularly re-treated with chemicals. It is essential to keep your pool
clean during the summer mosquito season. You can also hire a Conway exterminator if
you need professional help.


Use bug lights


Install a few bug light fixtures on your deck or back porch to enjoy
the summer without worrying about annoying mosquitoes. These lights are not
mosquito zappers. They emit a yellow light which isn’t attractive to insects or
mosquitoes. Although these lights don’t repel mosquitoes, they won’t attract
them like traditional bulbs.


Hire the pest control professionals


Professional mosquito control by Custom Personalized Lawn care is
the best option. We offer several programs that will help protect your yard and
ensure your special events are successful without mosquito infestations.


Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you need the help of pest control
experts in getting rid of these annoying critters from your home.


Zap Pest Control Inc.
2507 Forestbrook Rd Suite G
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588


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