Termite Inspection: What You Need To Watch Out For?

termite-300x200.jpgTermites are nasty critters. They are nearly invisible, totally silent, and can cause extensive damage before a homeowner notices that he or she has a termite problem. The word termite is enough to make some homeowners cringe, and for a good reason. Termites can be found in 49 out of the 50 states and can cause over $50 billion in property damage every year.

In case you are purchasing a house, having it inspected for termites Myrtle Beach before buying can save you headaches down the road. If you are taking out a mortgage, then there is a chance that the lender will ask you to have it inspected for termites along with a general home inspection before the sale can be finalized.

A termite inspection is a cost that will be covered by the buyer. But you can rest easy knowing that it is well worth the price. Many home purchase agreements depend on the results of inspections including termite inspections that are performed by an independent party. These inspections are designed to uncover hidden dangers and problems.

  • Termites eat wood from within and that means their presence may be unnoticeable until the infestation has gone far along. Since the warning signs could be subtle, it will most likely take a professional pest control expert to recognize them.
  • A sizeable termite colony that feats on the wood in a house could consume about a pound of cellulose on a daily basis but it is generally much less. That could result in structural damage that you wouldn’t want to deal with. The presence of termites does not mean that the house is unsound especially if the infestation started just recently. A pest control specialist will know the difference.
  • A termite pest control specialist could assist in deciphering more than just the indications of termite infestation. Most termite inspectors are well trained when it comes to recognizing the presence of other wood destroying critters like carpenter ants.

If the inspection reveals that there is termite activity in your home, it may not necessarily be bad news. The indications could be leftover from a past infestation that was already taken care of. A qualified and professional termite pest control specialist will know the difference between past and present termite activity and offer a guarantee or even a written statement for that. If the house has undergone treatment for termites, the seller must also be able to offer documentation of previous pest control treatment and any repairs on the structure that may have been made to repair the termite damage.

If there is existing termite activity on the house, it may not necessarily be a deal breaker. In certain areas, termites are extremely prevalent that having a small problem with them is not all that uncommon. In case an inspection reveals that the termites are present but it is only a minor infestation and the seller is willing to have the house treated for termite infestation at their expense and the repairs as well, then you may still consider the property. This is one example where it pays to obtain expert advice regarding the condition of the house.

Call Zap Pest Control Inc. now if you have a termite problem or you want the house you’re considering to purchase to be inspected for possible pest infestation.

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